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Android Travel Tip - Room numbers

This Android travel tip is very much in the same vein as our previous tip -- "Document Your Documents" -- but it's no less important. You've got a camera on your phone. Use it. There's nothing worse than stumbling back to your five-star first-floor hotel motel suite economy room, only to forget which room you're actually staying in. And as is often the case with those newfangled electronic keys, which are used over and over, there's no room number written on it anywhere.

Easy solution: Take a picture of your room number. Once you make it back from a hard day of doing business on the road, there will be no mistake about where to lay your head.

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Android Travel Tip: Stumble back to the right room


We did this as well when we parked at the airport. We took a quick pick of the row and lot number. Was a HUGE bonus when we returned a week later. We hopped on the shuttle, and I just showed the pic to the driver and he took us straight to our car. Was AWESOME!

Simple tip but hugely useful.

I'm guessing HTC T-Bolt.

I use the camera when I'm at the airport or when I goto the Mall of America to remember where I parked.

Have a look at the Carrr Matey app. "Drop Anchor" where you are parked. "Return to Vessel" to find car. Also can set a timer and share parked or present location.

...assuming you can operate the gallery and read the picture after 3 Martinis, a couple of rounds of tequila shots, and the Jaeger nightcap....

I constantly keep a record of important info (like a hotel room number) in AK Notepad (or whatever "Notes" app you prefer). BUT - the taking a pic of important travel documents is a great idea.

It's funny when you see a tip like these and you think doh why didn't I think of some of these. Same advice could easily go for what color and section you park in at a garage or airport.

WTF? What ever happened to just REMEMBERING what room number it was? Are we growing so dependent on devices that we no longer can even remember something so basic as to which was the room number? Holy S H I T! Talk about being a geek or a nerd. What's the next tip? Take a picture of your driver's license so you can remember your name?

I'm surprised this is news worthy, but hey... Phil apparently needs to play more memory games on his Thunderbolt and less Angrybirds... maybe take some vitamin B as well. It's a four digit number, I mean really?

In an average week, I stay in three different hotel rooms. Trust me, you'd be surprised how those three- and four-digit numbers start to run together.

Same here... I travel all the time and even when coming back the next week to the same hotel, remembering which room this week can be a challenge especially after working until 10pm then taking the client out for late dinner.

Great tip, especially for those of us who travel a lot. When I am in 6 different hotels In a two week period, room numbers can get scrambled.

I also take a picture of the rent car's license plate. Same reason. 2 different cars per week.