One of the criticisms of T-Mobile's G1 Android phone is the battery life - it's not exactly awe-inspiring. Broadcom Corporation, a member of the Open Handset Alliance, has announced a new "combo" chip which is available for Android handset designers. The new chip (BCM4325) and driver software integrates the FM radio, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, offering the following advantages:

  • The biggest bonus of all - decreased power consumption for a longer-lasting battery between charges.
  • Reduced board space - since it's all in one chip, designers will have more circuit board real estate to work with.
  • Lower production costs, which should translate into less expensive handsets for the consumer.
It's nice to see members of the Open Handset Alliance like Broadcom who can deliver technology that improve the Android experience. So far I'm pretty happy with my G1, but when new Android handsets start surfacing, and if they boast the integration and benefits that the Broadcom chip offer, it might be enough to pull me off the middle of the fence.