The Moto X4 is one of the better mid-range Android handsets you can buy right now, and if you're interested in picking one up, it's important to note that there are two main versions – the retail/unlocked one and the Android One version on Project Fi. The latter of these two was updated to Android Oreo in late December, and now the former is finally getting some similar treatment.

On Lenovo's official forums, a representative from the company confirmed that Oreo has been deployed to the unlocked Moto X4. It'll take a few days before all units are updated, so if you haven't received any new software on your device just yet, just be patient and give it a few days.

When Oreo does arrive, you'll be able to start using picture-in-picture, notification dots, Android's new emojis, and plenty more.

If you own a retail/unlocked Moto X4, have you gotten the Oreo update yet?

Android Oreo


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