In last week's poll we asked If you were excited about Android N. There are plenty of new features to explore if you opted into Google's Android Beta Program. However, since only Nexus devices have access to the preview right now, most of us are still sitting at our computers devouring every new piece of information about Android N. That's why we wanted to know whether you guys are excited for Android N.

Android N Poll recap

In a smashing move, "Yes, I've read all about it" dropped into first place with a solid 38 percent of the vote. "Yes, I opted in." crashed into second place with 22 percent. In third we saw "No, I'll wait for Google to release it." pick up speed with 18 percent of the vote. Just behind, in fourth place, is "No, I don't have a compatible device" with 15 percent of the vote. In last place, with only 7 percent of the vote, was "No, I wasn't that interested." So overall a whopping 60 percent of voters this past week were excited for Android N, while the other 40 percent just weren't as interested.

What do you think, is Android N worth all the hubub? Let us know in the comments below!

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