Nobody likes to think about it, but if you're involved in an accident or medical emergency, your phone might be the first place a first responder looks for vital information. In the new Android N developer preview, Google is making it easier for owners to show medical details and personal contact info, as well as details of an emergency contact.

Here's how it works.

When you set up a new phone on the first N developer preview, the final stage in the setup process lets you see additional, optional steps. Right now the only one is "Emergency Information." Tapping this lets you fill out personal, medical and contact details. These include your name, address, date of birth and important medical info like allergies, bloody type, any medications you might be taking, and additional medical notes. You can also specify your organ donor preference, and select one of your contacts as an emergency contact.

ICE info

If you skip this at setup, you can find it under Settings > User at any point in the future.

Then, if any of this stuff is needed, first responders can find it by tapping the "Emergency" button on a locked phone, then double-tapping the "Emergency Info" button that appears. (A single tap will prompt you to tap again.)

It's worth remembering that Android N is still a developer preview, and this stuff could well change in the months running up to the final code drop. Nevertheless, it's an important feature to include in the base OS, and one that could well save lives.

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