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How to change Android keyboards

Looking to change Android keyboards? Maybe you want to try Swype, or the new Swiftkey, or any one of the other great keyboards available on our fair smartphone operating system. (And a lot of new phones, like the AT&T Captivate and Droid X seen above, come with more than one keyboard installed.) After the break, we'll walk you through downloading, installing and switching to a new keyboard and, just maybe, a new way of life. (OK, probably not.)

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How to change keyboards


I am fairly sure there in not one on the market... I have come across a few (what i think are) "Swype like" apps, if you know what i mean. i haven't downloaded them because my XT came with Swype. if you under multimedia (i believe) in the market long enough you may come across SOMETHING along the lines

Swype isn't on the market, but you can download it from the web. Make sure you have enabled the installation of 3rd party apps from unknown publishers in the applications settings. I'm not sure about the Evo but i had to root my Captivate to enable this.

I don't think Swype is all that good. I am currently switching back and forth from the HTC kyeboard and the multitouch keyboard found on the Droid X. The HTC keyboard I have has an awesome feature in which you can use the volume buttons to move the text line! Way better than trying to tap in between letters.

I just read reviews on the android market for the Gingerbread Keyboard, which will be featured in the upcoming EVO 3-D phone. 4-5 stars for EVO users.

Tried all the Keyboards in the Market, none are that much better than the stock EVO.... Hope somwone will come up with a keyboard that will surpass the stock... and have some skins to go along with it....

Please help me. I'm not really techy. I installed androot on my lg ally just to get rid of some of the preinstalled apps that were always running on their own. It seems in my ignorance that I removed an app that was essintial to the onscreen keyboard as I no longer have one. I have download several aftermarket keyboards but to no avail-nothing happens when I touch a text box. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks Jason