Android Central Holiday Gift Guide: Android gifts for Mom and Dad

Yes, your mom and dad love Android smartphones, too. With so many choices, from small and trendy to big, bad and robotic, it only makes sense that mum and pop want to get in on the action.  Embrace their addiction and hook them up with some cool Android accessories for the holidays, just don't friend them on Facebook (trust me moms -- you don't want to know).

Hit the break as we check out some great gifts for those folks who raised you all those years.

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Stocking Stuffers

See what phone mom or dad use first

There's a good chance that your parents asked you for some advice about their choice of Android, cause, well, parents just do that sort of thing.  If you're an Android geek, you probably set it up for them.

If you don't know for sure, you need to find out.  Call them up, or even better drop by and ask how they're liking their phone, or what kind they ended up getting.  Don't try to tell me you can't find out without mom or dad knowing why you're asking. (psst...Let them think they can pull the wool over our eyes and we never knew exactly what they were up to.)

Finally, you could have a look at our Android Central Device Guide -- it has just about every device available.

Cases can offer protection and style

Most parents aren't always on battery-burning texting marathons, and a good case can offer protection in mom's purse, or on dad's belt or pocket.

Leather cases: You can never go wrong with a nice leather case for dad. There's something about a nice, soft piece of leather that just feels good. Maybe dad doesn't spend the day nursing martinis and discussing world policy with the rest of the boys from Harvard, but there's nothing wrong with his phone looking like he does. 

Android cases

Skin cases: Your mom isn't frumpy, your sense of fashion just doesn't understand. Moms want their phone to say something about who they are, just like you do. Get mom a couple skin cases, and she change them to match the way she feels. Or to match that purse she loves. She would do it for you.

Hard cases: Dad doesn't want to damage his phone while on the jobsite, or while working on the lawnmower.  With all the choices of hard cases for most every Android, he doesn't have to. Hook him up with a solid, and rugged, hard case to keep his phone going strong, and be sure to text him when your car starts making funny noises -- we love those texts.

Organizer cases: Often the perfect gift for mom, organizer cases keep her phone safe in the depths of her purse, and offer extra pockets and slots for things like headphones, credit cards, or coupons.  Moms lead busy lives and will always appreciate something that helps them save time and stay on top of things.

Pocket pouches: If dad has to spend more time than he would like at the office, a pocket pouch can be a really thoughtful gift. Slim and smooth, they are perfect for the breast pocket on dad's jacket, or in the front pocket of his jeans.

Accessories for the road

No matter what age your parents are, they spend a good deal of time behind the wheel. Thankfully, the folks who make Android accessories know this, and there's quite a few gifts to make using an Android phone on the go easy and safe.

Android car mounts

Car mounts:

Turn by turn navigation is a great feature of Android phones, and one that many people use. While it works with the phone sitting in the ashtray, or with mom holding it and repeating the directions (you just know dad isn't going to stop and ask anyone), a solid car mount is a much better choice, and is a gift that your parents will use.

Speakerphones: A perfect choice if your parents don't have built-in Bluetooth in their car. Speakerphones offer a much better quality call than the phone's small speaker can provide, and some models will play media from the phone so mom never has to miss out on her Kenny G station on Slacker radio.

Car chargers: If mom and dad do any serious traveling, a car charger is a no-brainer. With the kids moved out of the house, there's less keeping your parents tied down, and road trips are fun at any age. For those long trips, a way to keep things running is a must.

Your parents listen to music and watch movies, too

Maybe you don't share the same tastes with mom and dad, or maybe you do, but you can be sure your parents still enjoy music and pictures -- both the still and the moving kind. Android phones are great at this, and there's a few things to make them even better.

microSD cards:

All those Clint Eastwood movies and pictures of the grandkids (you should totally meet someone nice and have some BTW) need to go somewhere. Get mom or dad (or both) a 16 GB card, then get them set up and comfortable with file transfer if they aren't already.

Headphones: Picture mom and dad on the couch, Rod Stewart jamming from mom's Evo. That's one unhappy dad.  Get a nice set of headphones so things sound good for the listener, and silent to everyone else. Mom or dad will enjoy the nicer sound, at just the volume they want, without disturbing anyone else.

Multimedia dock: Multimedia docks can be purchased for many Android phones, and offer a great way to set up your own private media station on the desk or the table. For viewing pictures or movies, video calling, or having a beautiful desk clock there is nothing better. This is a gift any Android phone user would love, and one that really shows off the phones capabilities.

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