Canalys Q1 2013 analysis

Even when counting laptops and tablets, Android powers 59-percent of all devices shipped in Q1

We often get glimpses into how well Android is performing in terms of shipments compared to other mobile competitors such as iOS and Windows Phone, but it turns out Android fares extremely favorably against mobile devices of all kinds. According to analysis by Canalys, of all "smart mobile devices" -- including smart phones, tablets and laptops -- shipped in Q1 2013, Android was the operating system of choice on 59.5-percent of them. That means that even when factoring in Apple laptops running Mac OS X and Windows-based laptops into Apple and Microsoft's numbers, Android is still a majority of all devices shipped. Canalys estimates that 183.7 million Android devices were shipped in the quarter, dramatically higher than apple's 59.6 million and Microsoft's 55.9 million.

As you would expect, things break down favorably in the manufacturer charts for Samsung, which supplied 82.2 million of those devices (keeping in mind they make Windows laptops also) even without sales of the Galaxy S4 being counted because it had not yet gone on sale in Q1. As if those crazy Android activation numbers we keep seeing weren't enough of an indication, it should be clear now that Android is genuinely dominating the mobile landscape.

Source: Canalys; Via: ZDNet