Aquapac water-resistant case for Android

I love smartphones. And I love water. And, obviously, those two things don't exactly go hand-in-hand. But enter the Aquapac water-resistant case, and I'm no longer afraid to take my phones to the beach, on a boat -- or down a 17-foot water slide.

Check it out, after the break.

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OK, so you probably won't be taking your phone down any water slides. But the Aquapac case handled this one just fine. (In fact, it handled about four other trips you don't see here.) The basic premise is this: The phone goes in the Aquapac, which is sealed tight thanks to a couple of clips, gaskets and a well-sealed bag.

Now here's the really cool part: You can still use the phone while it's in the bag. The touchscreen works just fine, meaning you can come straight from the surf and check your e-mail, or even place a call -- all without worrying about wet and sandy fingers.

The Aquapac case is rated as 100 percent waterproof down to 15 feet, is dust- and sand-proof, floats on water and fits just about every smartphone that's out there. It's available now for $24.95 from the Android Central Store.

Aquapac water-resistant caseAquapac water-resistant case

Aquapac water-resistant caseAquapac water-resistant case

Aquapac water-resistant case