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*UPDATED* - The folks from CrackBerry reached out to RIM for further clairifcation on this matter and this is what they found.  "Ads will work inside the Android apps the only thing however that is not supported is RIM's own BlackBerry Ad services. In other words, Android developers can still monetize their apps, just not using BlackBerry Ad services."

A bit of news about Android applications on the BlackBerry PlayBook, that looks good for users but certainly won't make any developers happy -- RIM has confirmed that Android apps ported to the PlayBook won't be able to support mobile ads.  RIM is giving PlayBooks away to Android application developers who want to port their work to BlackBerry App World (the official RIM BlackBerry marketplace), so we're pretty sure they want developers to make their way over, but blocking the biggest source of revenue for them is a bit of a mistake if you ask me.  

To be fair, it could be a technical limitation.  According to Jeff Gadway, RIM Senior Brand and Market Communication specialist, the ability may be added in a later release.  RIM certainly needs all the help it can muster to pump up their brand in the eyes of consumers, and a quick influx of thousands of apps to use with the Android Player is an easy method to do just that.  I'm certain their long-term strategy will revolve around native applications designed for the BlackBerry platform, and hopefully some of the Android developers they attract will stick along for the ride.

Source: Gigaom; via Crackberry