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Show stopping bugs addressed in the bump to KOT49H

We still don't yet have the URL for side loading, but the 4.4.2 OTA for the Sony Z Ultra GPe is starting to push out. We knew an update was coming "soon" to fix some of the issues we've seen with the phone, and we saw the LG G Pad — the other new Google Play device — get its own update today. Sony and Google have managed to get the software updated before the devices gets into too many hands.

It's confirmed that the 444MB update fixes the security settings bug, the app uninstall bug, the clear data bug and random issues with Google Now voice commands. 

We're up all night to get lucky try and find the URL for this one (I gotta have it myself) and we'll update when and if we come across it.

Update: Nobody can seem to capture a standard URL for this one, but thanks to sfagundes. we have a mirror for side loading. Grab it here. Thanks, Sean!

Thanks, Matthew!