Android 2.2, Froyo, officially announced

Google is showing off the next version of Android right now - Android 2.2, aka Froyo. We're liveblogging it right now, but you can watch this post to get the key bullet points of the new version as we hear about them

  • Speed
  • App data backup
  • Improved Enterprise / Exchange Support
  • Push services - "Android Intent"
  • Tethering / Mobile Hotspot
  • Much faster browsing experience - V8 in browser
  • New functionality in browser- Camera, orientation, geolocation
  • Support for Adobe Flash and Adobe Air
  • Search the Android Marketplace directly from Quick Search
  • The ability to install applications on the SD card automatically
  • One-button update or automatic update for apps
  • The ability to purchase music from Android Marketplace
  • The ability to stream your own music from your desktop

Those are the big points, folks, and note one significant point that's not here: a release date or list of devices it will land on. Luckily, we have word from HTC on a few of their phones.

Stay tuned for much more from us at Google IO!

Update: video showing off the new features after the break!

Dieter Bohn