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Android 2.2, Froyo, officially announced

Google is showing off the next version of Android right now - Android 2.2, aka Froyo. We're liveblogging it right now, but you can watch this post to get the key bullet points of the new version as we hear about them

  • Speed
  • App data backup
  • Improved Enterprise / Exchange Support
  • Push services - "Android Intent"
  • Tethering / Mobile Hotspot
  • Much faster browsing experience - V8 in browser
  • New functionality in browser- Camera, orientation, geolocation
  • Support for Adobe Flash and Adobe Air
  • Search the Android Marketplace directly from Quick Search
  • The ability to install applications on the SD card automatically
  • One-button update or automatic update for apps
  • The ability to purchase music from Android Marketplace
  • The ability to stream your own music from your desktop

Those are the big points, folks, and note one significant point that's not here: a release date or list of devices it will land on. Luckily, we have word from HTC on a few of their phones.

Stay tuned for much more from us at Google IO!

Update: video showing off the new features after the break!

  • I think I just wet myself.
  • Looks like it will be sweet
    Can I have it now? Please?
  • So when is it going to be available for the Sprint Hero :-P
  • LMAO
  • hahaha are you serious? about never.
  • Right before they announce Gingerbread duh. ;)
  • LMAO...Of course I was joking....if it took this long to get 2.1 and we still cant enjoy everything that 2.1 has to offer (Live Wallpapers, google earth, friendstream) then Froyo is definitely out of the
  • Still no BT voice support! WTF....
  • Hey Apple didn't add that feature into the iPhone until 3.1. Hopefully Google can add it by Gingerbread.
  • Bluetooth voice IS available!
  • *jumps up and down like an excited little school boy*
  • How long will it take HTC to come out with a Sense that will be compatible with froyo?
  • about 7 to 8 month.
  • When can we expect this? And I'm wondering how well the push services will be implemented. Push services is one area where Android needs to pick up the slack.
  • Push works fine in all my apps, where were you seeing a problem? My Imap push accounts chirp my phone faster than they update my desktop computer. Google talk, Ditto. Gmail, ditto.
  • I agree, push needs to be 100% for email especially before anything. When is this out for the nexus one?
  • Its been out for a long time. K-9 mail allows you to push individual mail folders or entire accounts from your Imap mail.
  • Estimated release date for N1????
  • And as excited as I am about the Evo, that's why I'm NOT excited about having an Evo: it's going to take HTC a while to update Sense with this. Joys of early adoption ...
  • So when did they say the new Marketplace will be viewable for all online?
  • Any word on encryption? Most business users I know of can't pick up an Android device (atleast as a 1 stop solution) because it requires some form of encryption, whether it is built into the OS, or the processor etc.
  • I feel like a poor donkey with a carrot dangling in front of my face. Show it to me but don't let me have it!!! WAB
  • Yeah this is kinda ridiculous....just tell us when it will be released already.
  • I'm, sadly, starting to think no new phones are going to be announced today. Sad times....
  • Second Half of the year Release... Did no one sit and watch the Stream?
  • That's for Gingerbread, not FroYo
  • PC WORLD says JUNE for DROID!
  • Not sure where PCworld got that date from but i sure hope they are right!! Nexus in June!!
  • Some devices will be updated in the coming weeks. All future weeks are "coming" and there is only one week left in May, so its probably just a guess.
  • So no 2.2 for the motodroid. ......... so ho should I slap?
  • The Droid should see 2.2 official in a couple of months. Rooted Droids probably within the next couple of weeks. Same thing goes for any rooted device. Chances are 2.2 will be available for you WAY sooner than any official update.
  • Thanks darkseider!
  • It looks like Nexus one is going to be left behind. Am I reading this right???
  • "It looks like Nexus one is going to be left behind. Am I reading this right???" no you're not reading that right. why do you think the nexus is being left behind? it is the FIRST phone that will get the 2.2 update!! how do you not get that?!?
  • somewhere I read that only 2010 phones such as droid incred evo etc would get it
  • well seeing as the Nexus one was released on 1/5/10 i dont see a reason why it would get left behind. Also google said that the nexus one would receive future updates more than once. (i dont feel like looking back in the news feed.)
  • How badass would it be to see the Evo launch with Froyo! ???
  • Can you find out exactly what new Exchange features and Security policies are in Froyo? Many corporations don't allow Android devices because they don't enforce Security policies. As this link shows, it's a major problem. I've looked, but can't find anywhere this feature is detailed. Any help?
  • That page has some info. Are you looking for something more detailed?
  • That's exactly what I'm wanting! Thanks!
  • I was so excited to move from my Blackberry storm until I found out that BT voice dialing isn't supported. Now that it's coming, I can plan on moving over once it's released! No way I'm buying an incredible until the firmware is released... not gonna get stuck because sense won't be compatible with 2.2... Maybe we'll see something in Q3 this year with upgradability to LTE?
  • The other question is: which comes first 2.2 froyo on the EVO or 4G capability in NYC (where I live)? And with neither apparently available right now, should I wait for the EVO till later on or be an early adopter sans the key capabilities?
  • Man.. i REALLY hope HTC throws this out for the Evo right away.. it would be ridiculous to have such an amazing phone and NOT have the latest and greatest OS on it.
  • This is awesome !!! Apple can suck it !!!