Do you like what you've seen in Android 12 so far?

Android 12 Settings
Android 12 Settings (Image credit: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

The final Android 12 developer preview is out in the wild, which means it's only a matter of time before the update reaches beta and starts arriving on some of the best Android phones. That will most likely be around Google I/O 2021, where there will be more solid information about the features that are likely to make the final version. Until then, the developer preview has been picked apart on phones like the Google Pixel 5, and we've managed to get a look at surface-level features as well as those not yet ready for prime-time.

Android 12 so far

Over the past couple of months, Google has released three developer previews and some smaller updates in-between. Each developer preview was focused on adding or building upon features that we may or may not see in the final version. There has been quite a bit to discover, but fortunately, we have a few hands-on videos to highlight some of the newer features that each preview comes with.

The Android 12 features we love

Source: Android Central

We at Android Central have already highlighted some of the features we like about Android 12. Some of them may not be as exciting as system-wide theming that has been hinted at throughout the preview but do a lot to improve the usability of Android in general. That includes improvements on the one-handed mode, better notifications, and deeper camera integration with apps.

Your thoughts on Android 12

Now that you've had an early taste of what Android 12 is bringing, what are your thoughts on the platform so far? Comment below on the features you're most excited about or features you could do without.

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