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Your smartphone is a pretty personal item, and we all like to do the little things to make them our own -- like setting a signature on outgoing email messages.  It's easy to do (and easy to change) on both the Gmail app as well as the Android mail client.  Grab your phone, and follow along:

Gmail app

  • While in the app, tap the menu button, then More, then Settings
  • Tap the entry for the email address you'd like to attach (or edit) the signature of
  • Tap the entry that says Signature, and type in what you would like others to see, and hit the OK button

Email app

  • Open the inbox of the account you want to work with, and tap menu, Account settings
  • Tap the entry that says Signature
  • Enter the text for your signature, and tap the OK button

Told ya it was easy!  Just remember -- all outgoing mail messages will have your signature attached, even messages to your boss or your Mother.  Don't make the same mistake I did and have to spend an hour telling Mum that you're sorry and know you shouldn't talk like that.

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Reader comments

Android 101: How to set your e-mail signature


Good post Jerry.

And in K-9 (probably the best mail client) the Signature is located under:

-- More
--- Settings
---- Account Settings
----- Sending Mail
------ Composition

Its sometimes confusing to get to that location, you have to be on the screen showing the mailboxes of a specific account, rather than the All Accounts consolidated inbox.

Unfortunately Android (or at least my HTC EVO) doesn't allow for HTML, or rich text formatting. That's one of the (many) things I really liked about my Palm Pre :-)


Thanks for this post but why do i find the font for the signature is different to the body text using the Android mail client, and smaller, this looks quite ridiculous.

Any help to solve this would be much appreciated, i cannot find any suitable settings to change in the app and apart from this i like it. I am using Galaxy S2 android 4.0.4 on vodafone.