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Sync Labels

Here's another one for you Gmail lovers. If you like to keep your inbox organized -- which we know you do -- instead of a cluttered mess, odds are you probably have a few rules, and a bunch of labels already set up. Did you know that you can manage what labels sync to your device, and how far back the sync goes for each label individually? Pretty sweet huh -- so now let's take a look at how you can set it all up.

  1. Launch the Gmail application
  2. Press menu, then more, then settings
  3. Tap on desired account
  4. Scroll down to Sync inboxes and labels
  5. Click any label and select whether you want it to sync none, the last 4 days, or all of the label

Pretty easy huh? No more fumbling around and being caught without that email that you need while on the go.

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Android 101: How to manage syncing in Gmail


While you're on the subject, why not mention that you can change that "4 days" to some other number, like 14 days, or 30 days, by pressing menu > more > settings > [desired account] > sync inboxes and labels > amount of mail to sync?

Can someone explain to me what "sync" actually means in this context? Regardless of what I set my inbox to my gmail app contains all my emails all of the time... Also, if I delete any of them on my phone it syncs back the delete to my actual gmail inbox.

I'm an IT professional and usually pretty Android savvy but either it doesn't work on my Samsung Captivate or I'm misunderstanding what it's supposed to do.

Hi Red...did you ever actually get an answer to your question...bc I'm having the same problem lol...I get all these emails on my phone but NONE of them are coming to my gmail on my laptop....what am I doing wrong?

I have the same question as above, which is apparently unanswered after 4 years of waiting!
I'm a beginner with android/gmail, using a Samsung tablet
Any answers, anyone?

I thought I'd already done that ...
To repeat, I'm an Android beginner, and I find that the user terms are not always self-evident. 'Sync' is a relative term, on it's own it's meaningless. Can anyone reply to the 4 yo question which is also mine. I use a Samsung tablet with my Gmail.
Thanks, in anticipation

Does anyone know how to disable the "delete" function on the g mail account. My phone has been possesed by lemons...1) it freezes in calls, 2) can't hang up, 3) can't make calls, 4) can't take another call, 5) drops calls, 6) get my v m up to 24 hours later, 7) get txt msg up to 24 hours later, 8) doesn't show missed calls...that happens A-LOT, 9) tells me to "unmount my sd card" or that I have no sd card...I've had to do 3 soft resets, 2 hard resets...I feel like someone is taping all these wierd things and gonna utube it!!! I need help, I just spent another 2 plus hours in at the phone store trying to get this resolved. I've forwarded all "important txt msg" only to see that I got the first sentence...too bad I deleted before I checked them!I have to do another hard reset and don't want my g mail messages deleted...AGAIN. Anybody?

my son has a android device scroll essential when he tries downloading apps from android markets it says there are no phones associated with this account what does this mean and how do I rectify it" can anybody help please