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Battery Monitor

One thing Android devices are not known for is having stellar battery life, but most of us can live with that because of all the other amazing things it can do. We have all come to the realization we need to monitor our battery life, and see exactly what is eating it up throughout the day, but what about the new folks who don't know how to do this, they are missing out. Well, with just a few simple steps you can monitor your battery life as well, and gain a better understanding of what is draining it, and look for some ways to help improve it.

  1. Open device settings
  2. Scroll to "about phone"
  3. Click on "battery use"

Next to each process that is using battery for your device you will notice that it will show a percentage of its use, generally the display is near the top, depending on how bright you have your screen set. With this information you can see what applications and processes are eating through your battery, and adjust your usage to allow for better battery life.

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Reader comments

Android 101: How to check what has been using your battery


3 hours and 42 minutes and your battery is still that full? I want your phone. My Captivate is dead after 2 hours of use.

Too bad it doesn't usually work for Droid 2's.

You go to check the battery on these things, and it force closes on you after clicking "battery use". It is so infuriating! Last I read, Motorola was supposed to be working on an update to resolve it; but I know I haven't seen any updates for it on my R2D2. Maybe when we get Gingerbread... if we ever get Gingerbread on these things.

As for this being "Android 101", that's not really true. 9 times out of 10 if a specific app is eating your battery it will show as "Android System" or "Android OS" I imagine because the app is heavily using one of the built-in services. The built-in battery stats are pretty useless. The stats from Spare Parts are far more useful.

And WTF is "phone idle" supposed to mean that eats 23% of my battery? I know what the "cell standby" is that eats 25% of my battery, I get it, that makes sense, it is logical... but PHONE IDLE??

When I use my Evo 3D heavily, mainly for web browsing, my battery drains fast. According to my stats, its the display that using a whopping 80% of the battery usage! That is insane! Its not like I'm using 3D. I have my display settings on automatic. Why does it use so much juice?

Have to be careful about the way the information is presented.

Suppose you and I had an eight slice pizza (anchovies yes!!) and we each have one slice, usage would be reported as 50% you and 50% me --
I didn't have 4 slices (50% of the pizza) I had 1 slice (50% of the pizza used)

In that vein, of the battery amount used, 80% belongs to the screen.

Spare Parts is not needed. Just dial *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#info#*#* Same information. Sometimes I have to do it twice for it to work. Now only if i can fix my AC login problem. Keeps forgetting my pw. Cleared cookies and everything.

I don't see a "Battery Use" option in Settings for the Droid X2. In Settings, you can go to About Phone > Status and then it gives you Battery Status and Battery Level but they are not clickable and no where does it tell you what apps or services are using the battery.

Is this info not available on the Droid X2? It's Android version 2.2.2.

OK, I know I am way late on this one, but just started experiencing this issue. On the Droid X2 do this

2.Battery and Data Manager
2.Battery Usage

Not very detailed but I did find out that idle time is eating the most.

I cannot get to the screen you display above either. I installed advanced task killer and it shows what is running but lately my phone and my daughter's are discharging overnight from 80% to zero and the phone will not turn on. It will make this annoying buzz sound and then the battery is gone. We got them both in jan 2011 motorola droid 2. If this were a pc, i would be scanning for a virus.