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How many times have you typed out your last name only for your phone to attempt to correct it to something else on the device? I think we have all been in that boat, and while some keyboards will remember it, others will not, so let's quickly take a look at how to add words to the user dictionary on the device.

  • Option 1 - Go to settings, then language and keyboard settings, and select user dictionary and then press menu and add
  • Option 2 - Long press the word and then click on Add to Dictionary

Using a third-party keyboard? It may be as easy as tapping your correctly spelled word in the suggestions.

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Reader comments

Android 101: Add words to the user dictionary


How about how to REMOVE words from the custom dictionary? My swype is full of non-words that I never intended to add.

To delete words from the dictionary on my HTC Thunderbolt, I did the following:

1. Language and Keyboard screen: press "Touch Input (Touch Input settings)"

2. Touch Input settings screen: press "Personal Dictionary (Edit or sync personal dictionary)"

3. Touch Input screen: press "Edit personal dictionary (Add, delete, edit words in my dictionary)"

4. User dictionary screen: press Menu

5. Press Delete

6. Delete word screen: press the word(s) you want deleted so that checkmark appears.

Press Delete.

There may be a faster, easier way. I just stumbled upon this after reading your post ... didn't even know it was possible to edit the dictionary :)

On the Galaxy S2, language and keyboard settings, Swype settings, manage personal dictionary, click on red minus (-) sign at top of screen, then check words to be deleted, when done, click trash can button at bottom of screen. I used to be in the Swype beta with a MyTouch3g, and I believe the method was similar.