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And Motorola Xoom contest winner is

Congrats go out to James Buckey of Ohio, the winner of the Motorola Xoom tablet from Android Central and Wyse Technology.  With almost 2,000 entries to go through, the folks at Wyse Technology have picked James' winning post describing how Pocket Cloud helps him do what he needs to do better.

"I currently am the IT director at a K12 district in southeastern ohio. The combination of the Xooms hardware with Honeycomb and Wyse's Pockecloud would have a tremendous impact on the currently daunting task of managing 750+ Windows clients. Even with a notebook, trying to keep mobile is difficult with an average battery life of 2 hours. Potentially with Pocketcloud, I could manage a great percentage of these users while not worrying about finding an outlet. On the merits Pocketcloud alone, I would gain the ability to manage tasks ranging from simple user assistance to extremely mobile virus removal and perhaps interacting with an interactive whiteboard without the use of another unneeded proprietary wireless slate. In short, my dream of effective and simple remote management of my constituents may be one step closer to reality."

Congratulations and best wishes go out to you James, and enjoy your new Motorola Xoom!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Congrats to james...;-) just in case u dont like it mr b. U know who to talk to...
  • Congrats!
  • James posted above me. I knew if they were going to decide based on merit, James would win (or at least beat me). Congrats.
  • Never knew there was a contest :/.
  • Congratulations James, although I would have loved to have won the Zoom myself, I think it went to someone who deserves it a little bit more.
  • Darn...I was hoping that the fact that I actually already use their software on a daily basis might work in my favor. ; )
  • Congrats James But my answer was so much better. Yes I'm a bitter sore loser but whatever. *sigh* Whatever. "A gentle breeze surrounds my body, feeling the need to indulge, my goosebumps reveal themselves with a sense of delight. Eyes closed, I feel the warmth of the sun and smell the crisp cool air. Comfortably positioned on my back, I lie there with not a worry or sense of frustration in my mind. I am weightless... so wonderful — where am I? this is pure bliss... a dream turned to reality — Wait, am I dreaming? it's too good to be true! With crab-like pincers, I reach down and give myself a hard squeeze. "OUCH!," I squealed. "Hmm, if it isn't a dream then I must be in Heaven," I thought. I quickly open my eyelids and to my astonishment, I am floating! Yes, floating high above Mother Earth laying on the most comfortable thing known to man, a cloud. But not an ordinary cloud, it was different than any other I've seen before, outlined in white and filled with a grey center. My body comfortably sinks into the fluffy mass. I instinctively look above my left shoulder and see an orange kite-like figure that appears to be hovering just above me. "What a beautiful sight," I think to myself. Still wondering if I am in Heaven, my head circles 360 degrees looking for signs of apparitions, or holy figures. Unable to see anything that'll give me clues of my whereabouts, I suddenly notice a 10 inch hunk of beauty right underneath my stomach (or rather, on top of my belly). Awestruck, I stare into it's gorgeous display and see a little green man with its arms confidently crossed. With a smirk on his face, the green figure reaches around his back, pulls out a shiny red apple, dips it into a bowl of honey, and devours it. After the show put on by the green icon, he notices me gazing at him. It opens it's mouth and says in a robotic voice, "The future is here". Not understanding the meaning behind it's words, I suddenly hear another voice. This time the voice wasn't coming from the mouth of the green man, instead it was the cloud who was speaking. "Indeed, the future is here," it said with a captivating voice, "I see the look in your eyes, you seem confused, let me explain: The beautiful device in front of you is Xoom; crafted by hand from some of the most skilled Beings in a technologically advanced World. Now, the cute green figure inside Xoom is Android. Android is an advanced system with features unlike any other." My face filled with even more excitement. "And I am PocketCloud," he continued, "developed by the global leader in client computing, Wyse. Think of me as a type of magic carpet, I can take you anywhere you desire. All you need to do is hop onto my soft center with an Android powered device like Xoom, and you'll experience my electronic services". PocketCloud continues to talk about its brilliant features and I listen attentively. After hearing about all of its stunning abilities, my mind wanders off and I daydream about how PocketCloud will help me as a twenty year old college student. In my thoughts, I am on my university's campus, miles away from my workstation, which is sitting quietly at home. In my scenario, I'm sitting in a large classroom with an old professor lecturing a bunch of young ambitious people. I need to be taking notes, but all I have is the ancient pencil and paper combo. But then I remember; I hop onto PocketCloud and it Xooms me miles away to my workstation, were I am finally able to take notes like a civilized present day human being! I blink and another scenario fills my mind. After a hard days work, I am tiresome and need to rest. But I am still on campus (where I spend most of my time) because I need the entire night to study at the campus library. I reach into my bookbag looking for an important study document as well as my homework assignment, but I can't find it! I don't panic however, because I remember about PocketCloud. I fall onto the fluffy cloud and it brings me home and onto my desktop, were I access everything with ease. In my final scenario, I am again on school campus (told you I spend most of my time there). However, this time I am enjoying the sun and laying on the green grass. Class is finished for the day, and this is when I like to fulfill one of my hobbies, my huge passion, writing. During this time I like to write long stories, stories that tire your hands if you write with those ancient pencils that I curse. So again, I jump onto PocketCloud and this time it takes me to my "Story-station" where I am able to write without aches and pains. "Wow, PocketCloud will help me be a better college student and young writer!" I say to myself. My eyes slowly open. Suddenly, the fog clears my mind. The darkness and blur in my eyes quickly fade away, I now see everything crystal clear. I am laying on the green grass at a nearby park, the sun and air cover my entire body. I am no longer floating on a cloud, no longer hearing mysterious voices. Was it all a dream? But I don't care, because my attention is now on the Xoom tablet sitting in my lap. I pick it up, wondering if I'll see the same green figure as before, but this time the picture inside the display is different. The image looks just like my desktop computer. It is my desktop computer, a smaller and more portable version. I begin playing around with the Xoom and the seamless remote desktop experience provided by PocketCloud. I then open the browser to Android Central. At this moment, I realize that I am indeed in Heaven.
  • F yo couch James..F yo couch..
  • Congrats James.
  • Congrats James although I'm still hoping I will win this Xoom :) Never lose hope.
  • Congratulations, you lucky $?^@&*%!,,,ENJOY!!!!!
  • Congratulations! I am so jealous! LOL Enjoy it!
  • Congrats, James. let us know how it works out for ya!
  • Ok f yo couch man should get a xoom too lol
  • How many people do you think lied about using the pocketcloud in the hopes to win the amazing zoom lol. I know i did ;) but i can admit it.
  • I actually use it. Ive tried out at least 3 remote desktop apps on my phone and pocketcloud is the best.
  • cool...Congratulations James!!
  • Congrats man. I hate you, but Congrats ;p
  • Mothertrucker I hate I didn't win
  • congrats! it would have been nice if they would have drawn randomly though... it would have given me a chance. haha :)
  • So how does this affect my chance of winning?
  • No biggie. I just bought a NC.
  • Lucky bastard
  • Thanks everyone for the congrats. I appreciate the winnings, but want to suggest a minor correction. The name is Buckey not biggie but there it is. Otherwise, does anyone have a cryo chamber...I need to be frozen until launch day! I am proceeding to purchase the full version of Pocketcloud right now. Figure I can pay them back a tiny bit.
  • Sorry bout that!
  • Glad it at least went to a fellow Buckeye. Congrats!
  • Congratulations. I am glad it went to someone who will use it to its potential
  • Received the Xoom today. This is who grabbed it first. 2yr old tomorrow.