Now all we need is a Q voice app that randomly speaks at you.

The number one request from every voice assistant speaker right now is for more wake words. Lots of people would prefer being able to designate their own wake word instead of a list of pre-defined options, but a longer list wouldn't be bad either. Amazon already had more options than anyone else with "Alexa," "Amazon" and "Echo" as wake words that could be set uniquely for each Echo you own, but now there's a fourth option and it's easily the best one for Star Trek fans.

Amazon Echo

That's right, you can now use "Computer" as a wake word for your Amazon Echo! It's part of an update slowly rolling out to Echo owners, adding the fourth wake word to the bottom of the existing list. Like any other Echo wake word, you can choose to only have one Echo respond to this wake word or let all of them do it.

All you need to do now is make sure no one in your life is going to shoot you sideways glances when you're wandering around the house in your Science Officer robe asking your Echo to lower the bedroom lights.

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