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Amazon Prime Instant Video hits Android tablets in the UK

Amazon Kind
Amazon Kind (Image credit: Android Central)

Previously restricted to just Amazon hardware, and just last week opened up to Android tablets in the US, the service is finally open to Android tablets users in the UK. There's a catch, however – you'll need to grab the Amazon Prime Instant Video app from the Amazon App Store. Yeah, it's a small catch. Now you're able to take advantage of that 10-inch display when not at the PC or in front of the TV.

Amazon has also opened up access to the exclusive X-Ray feature, which lets you pull down information about movies and TV shows from IMDb onto the screen. Will you be picking up your tablet for Prime Instant Video?

  • What about Chromecast support? Give me Chromecast support, and I'll give you that $99 Prime Membership fee!
  • Not in Canada, of course.
  • I really want Chromecast support. I already use that for Netflix and have an Amazon Prime subscription that I use with my PS3 but it would be much easier to just use the Chromecast for everything!
  • Not gonna happen, stick it in the play store with chromecast support and we'll see Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah what's with forcing you to access the Amazon app store to get this...? Posted via the Android Central App
  • The app just directs me to the Amazon store app and plays from there. Create its own app and Chromecast support. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I've got the Amazon app bloatware that came with my T-Mobile S5; when I click to play an instant video it directed me to install the Amazon Instant Video app from within the Amazon bloatware app. From what I can tell the Amazon bloatware app downloads and installs the Prime Instant Video app apk from within the Amazon bloatware app; it also bypasses my security check when installing apk files. Pretty sure all of this is a violation of Google Play policies...
  • I use this app all the time esp with kids, works mostly ok. Pausing cause it to go back to home screen, which I hate. Plus it does not automatically go to the next episode in the season.
    With prime membership and 99c shipping promotions towards digital content, my kids have started using it more than netflix now.
  • I've been able to do this now for a while on my Nexus 7 using the method described. You always had to download it from the Amazon App Store and it would only work with the Amazon app from Amazon's App Store rather than the Amazon app on Google Play.
  • You've been able to do this for some time if you had a way to install the phone version of the Amazon app to your tablet.
  • Will amazon ever support Chromecast? Posted via the Android Central App
  • it's still not a stand alone app like Netflix.. it works with Ur web browser... And also doesn't work unless u have Amazon app installed.... Netflix app is excellent
  • No Chromecast is a deal breaker..
  • This is bullshit right? all it does is open a browser window....this isn't an app that plays video, its an alternative browser launch button. Its like Amazon is laughing at us as hard as they possibly can and screaming FUCK YOU ANDROID USERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • :D :D :D another reason why I switched to iphone after so many years of struggle with the latest and shiniest android phones and tablets. It just works perfectly on everything what's Apple. Hate it or love it but don't ever deny it, on iPhone everithing just works. No tweaking no adjusting just install and use. I want to use the phone not forever thinker with it to get the simplest things to work finaly properly. That is just a wast of time.
  • That'd be great except for this is an Amazon issue, rather than an Android issue. Amazon decided they wanted their own app store on Android and that what this is all about. They want you to change your settings in order to install their app store and they are using a service people have already paid for against their own customers. This is an insult by Amazon to its users pure and simple. Apple, on the other hand is more controlling and so they wouldn't even entertain the idea of an outside app store. However, that is my issue with Apple, they make too many of the important decisions for the end user. Maybe I want a 3rd Party app store, maybe I don't -- but the decision should be mine -- which is why Apple always fails in my view.
  • Agreed
  • I've been using it on my nexus 7 2012 model for a while now. I just used the phone version and never had a problem. Before the app was available, I used the Dolphin browser and was able to watch. It's not as good as the Netflix experience, but then again, Netflix doesn't give me free music and free shipping on the stuff I buy online either. Got rid of Netflix and never looked back. By the way, for those who can't seem to post without dropping a bunch of fowl language, GROW UP already! As soon as you start that, no one really cares what you think anymore because you're telling them you don't have enough of an IQ to matter. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Do you really think intelligent people don't swear? BTW, it's "foul" language. I guess intelligent people don't spell either? Posted via the Android Central App
  • The catch is more than just downloading the App -- it also involves changing your security settings among other things. This is an insult by Amazon to its users -- Netflix, download and play; HuluPlus; download and play; Amazon, download, visit link, download their app store, change your preferred security settings to accommodate Amazon, then finally play - maybe. Amazon is just plain wrong. People already pay Amazon for a service, there is no need for them to further try to gut their paying customers via the forced installation of their app store.
  • Strange...I don't feel gutted. I enjoy the benefits of Prime. And you do have a choice. Just don't download it and protect those precious security settings. Then again, it's my guess you have never considered Prime and just like to bitch. But, I could be wrong. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Spoken like a true sheep -- of course you don't feel gutted, doubtful many sheep resent their fate enough to bitch about it. Indeed, I have been a Prime Member for many years. However, being that I no longer feel satisfied with my purchase, I doubt I will renew. That is my choice -- not to pay for a service and then dance to their tune for their pleasure after they take my money. When I pay someone my hard earned money for a service, I expect to be treated, at the very least, like a man - not a sheep. A large benefit of Prime service is the access to Prime Videos, so making me bend over just to access the very service I have already paid for is an insult. Of course, a sheep wouldn't agree, but then again, I am no sheep.