It's never too early to start your holiday shopping, seriously. From Lego kits to figurines, board games, card games, and more, there are going to be tons of deals that you can stash away in your closet ahead of the holiday madness so that you can sit back in December and relax instead of going crazy.

Some of these kits are down to new all-time low prices, while others are on sale for the first time in ages. Be sure to check them all out, before the prices are gone.

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How to get the Best Deals on Stuff for Kids:

Prime Day is a huge day for kids stuff. Toys, clothing, Amazon hardware, Nerf, Lego, everything you could imagine. We will see dozens of sales covering a wide variety of products. Probably the best way for you to save when the day finally arrives is to decide right now exactly what you need. Find board games that will entertain the whole family, movies you can watch together with a bucket of popcorn, or toys that will educate your younger children.

Baby Geniuses: Electronics

Let's start with the Amazon hardware we know will be on sale: Kids Edition Echo Dot, Kids Edition Fire 7 tablets, Kids Edition Fire HD 8 tablets, and FreeTime Unlimited. The tablets are updated versions of the ones we saw last year. We're also seeing Amazon partner with companies like Disney to build kid-friendly headphones and other accessories. Expect to see a lot of these accessories bundled with the hardware for more savings.

Other electronics we expect to see on sale include things like the Kano computer kits, which drop in price regularly, some Sphero app-controlled toys, which see a lot of deals and are very popular, and the Tiny Arcade miniature arcade games.

Playing with Circuits


You know Amazon is going to go crazy on electronic toys on Prime Day. It's a very lucrative market, and many of these toys go on sale all the time. Sphero's app-controlled toys are going to be a definite buy on that day.

Fun for the Whole Family: Board Games

Much like vinyls, board games as a category fell out of favor there for a few years while people turned to video games or other forms of entertainment. But more recently they've enjoyed a bit of a renaissance, and the ensuing creativity has spawned such amazing games like Cards Against Humanity and Bears vs. Babies.

We see deals on board games on Amazon all the time. Sometimes they even do huge one-day sales that discount tons of the games by 30% or more. It's plausible we'll see something like that on Prime Day, too. Many board games are as much about the art as they are about the gameplay, and you can find great examples on Amazon like Azul and Tokaido, both of which could go as low as $20.

Need something more intense? Go on an adventure with Gloomhaven or start a game that will end in an inevitable split between the Light side and the Dark with the Star Wars version of Monopoly. This is just the tip of the iceberg for board games on Amazon, and we know the deals will be huge.

Tabletop Entertainment

Board Games

Board games are a big deal on Amazon, and this Prime Day you're going to see some big deals. Save on dozens of games, including a dozen different versions of Monopoly. Seriously, Monopoly is kind of crazy right now: Monopoly for Millennials, Monopoly Pizza, Star Wars Monopoly+, Monopoly Gamer, Monopoly: Fortnite, etc.

Building Blocks: Lego

There is never an end to Lego sales. We see tons of Lego building kits go on sale every week. Amazon's Prime Day won't be an exception to that rule we're pretty sure. Some of the more recent sets we've seen go on sale include the 3-in-1 Modular Skate House, the Wild River Escape kit, and this Batman Brother Eye Takedown kit.

Lego has an incredibly detailed store on Amazon. You can sort through the sets based on age, which means you can find the perfect sets for your favorite kids. I'm not sure just how many of these will drop in price on Prime Day, but you can bet it'll be quite a bit.

Stir your creative side

Lego building kits

You can be sure that Lego kits for all ages will be on sale for Prime Day. The real question is who are you buying them for? Your kid or you? Or both? Why not both? Everyone gets Lego!

Friendly Fire: Nerf

Sure, you could arm your kid for Nerf wars around the neighborhood. Or you could arm yourself for a sneak attack in the break room. Either way, Prime Day will be a good day to do it. Amazon sells a lot of Nerf, and we do see sales pretty often on the popular blasters. The Nerf store has a variety of options from the inexpensive like the CycloneShock Blaster to the more advanced Nerf Rival Phantom Corps. There are even Amazon-exclusive Nerf blasters we have seen go as low as $50.

War is Coming

Nerf blasters

Arm yourself for the office and/or backyard wars to come! Nerf has a huge, extensive store on Amazon. The deals are regular and the savings are immense. Plus, Amazon even has exclusive blasters like this Nemesis MXVII-10K that you can't find anywhere else. So you can be sure Amazon will hype up deals on versions like that.

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