PSA: Your Amazon Fire TV device is getting at least four years of updates

Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4k Max Interface Colorful Background
Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4k Max Interface Colorful Background (Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • Amazon Fire TV devices are guaranteed to receive four years of security updates or more.
  • Amazon lists devices that will receive support through 2025 or beyond.
  • The update policy mirrors that of some Android OEMs which are extending support for their smartphones.

According to Amazon's update policy on its streaming devices, Fire TV owners won't have to worry about support ending for their devices any time soon.

SlashGear spotted the policy which states that Fire TV devices "receive guaranteed software security updates until at least four years after the device is last available for purchase."

That means some of the best Amazon Fire TV sticks and other products will remain secure for quite some time.

In Amazon's exhaustive list, the company names its streaming sticks, Recast devices, TV sets, and soundbars that will be supported "through 2025," including the Fire TV Stick Basic Edition from 2016.

Amazon makes sure to highlight that the policy guarantees at least four years of updates, meaning support could extend beyond that. Additionally, Amazon makes the distinction that it extends to "after the device is last available for purchase" instead of when the device initially went on sale, like what many companies do.

Amazon is just one of several companies to introduce a four-year update policy for its devices, following the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi, and others that have extended their update policies on their smartphones. Although one may not necessarily consider the security of their TV set, it's still a smart device and can still be vulnerable to attack.

That said, Amazon's policy should provide some extra peace of mind for Fire TV users, so they won't have to upgrade their Fire TV Stick 4K for some time.

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