Amazon Fire TV 4K The Amazon Fire TV 4K (aka the Amazon Fire TV pendant or Amazon Fire TV Gen. 3) is now out of production and won't be replenished, Amazon tells us.

Amazon has confirmed to that the 2017 model of the Fire TV — also known as the Fire TV Gen. 3, or the Fire TV 4K, or the Fire TV pendant — has reached end-of-life status. No more are being produced, and Amazon doesn't plan on making any more.

Indeed, when you visit the product page for the Fire TV Gen. 3, it recommends you buy a new $49 Fire TV Stick 4K instead.

It's easy to look at the two devices and think that this is a step down — $30 difference, less RAM, etc. — but the new Fire TV Stick has a huge leg up in that it supports Dolby Vision for HDR, and it's the first Amazon Fire TV device to do so.

So let's pour one out for the Fire TV pendant, but let's herald the coming of the Fire Stick 4K.

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