Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is the online retailer's central hub that can connect to various smart devices in your home, which now includes the ecobee smart thermostat. Support has been implemented that enables the speaker to connect with the thermostat to control the heating inside your home.

As well as supporting Amazon Echo, the ecobee also works with Samsung SmartThings, iFTTT and even Apple HomeKit. The thermostat is an improvement over traditional units by actively measuring readings in various rooms, as opposed to a hallway where an older model may be located. With various apps available, it's also possible to control everything while on your way to the front door.

There's the potential to even save some pennies by switching to smart, connected thermostats and getting the most out of your home systems without wasting energy. Hit the links below for more details on the Amazon Echo and to purchase the ecobee thermostat.