Amazon Echo picks up some new skills and gets in the Halloween spirit

The Amazon Echo just keeps getting better by the week, with this week's update adding a couple of new skills and getting Alexa primed for the Halloween season. In the latest update, Alexa has picked up new skills that allow users to ask the digital assistant which politicians are trending on Twitter with Tweet Poll, as well as grab some recipes from Campbell's Kitchen. To use these skills, just go to the skills menu in the Alexa app and enable them, then ask away.

Amazon has also gotten Alexa into the Halloween spirit. You can now ask Alexa how to survive a zombie apocalypse, in addition to asking her to play a Haunter House Sounds Prime Playlist. You can even ask the assistant "trick or treat?" — but we wouldn't expect to get any candy out of the deal. And finally, Amazon notes that it has added some more political jokes to the mix in honor of the latest Republican debate. You can now ask Alexa to tell you a joke about Ben Carson or Jeb Bush and she'll tickle your political funny bone.

The Alexa app can be found on the Google Play Store right now, and you can pick up an Echo speaker directly from Amazon for $179.

$179.99 from Amazon

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