Amazon Echo gains Star Wars knowledge

The latest weekly update to the Amazon Echo brings a number of new features to the speaker, including Star Wars knowledge to answer your questions and you can now find out if you are on the naughty or nice list. For the Santas Helper features, you can now ask Alexa where Santa is, which list you made this year, facts about Christmas, and even have it read you a Christmas story. With the latest Star Wars movie finally in theaters, Alexa can now answer a number of Star Wars related queries as well.

For example, you can ask which of the movies is the best, to have it tell you what the Jedi code is and much more. You can test your Star Wars knowledge with a quiz by asking Alexa to open the Star Wars quiz. In addition, the Echo is on the campaign trail now, so you can ask Alexa to tell you jokes about the candidates for hours of endless fun. If you've got an Echo, you'll want to grab the latest update, and head to the app to enable the new functionality.

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