Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon's remote storage service, Cloud Drive, has recently been updated to allow users to quickly share photos with friends and family through the web interface. This update also allows those that manage their albums through iPhoto to get their photos uploaded in two clicks through the desktop app. Beyond features, the update also opens up Amazon Cloud Drive to Spain and Italy, following closely on its debut in the UK, Germany, and France. This is also hot on the heels of the launch of Amazon services in Japan. Obviously Amazon is getting ready to go big for the launch of the new Kindle devices. 

Though tightly related, Amazon Cloud Drive is a little different from the Cloud Music Player. Cloud Drive lets you upload all sorts of files to the cloud, while the MP3 player is more geared towards selling you and storing your songs. You can get the full tour in our combined review from awhile back.

Any European readers preorder one of the new Kindle Fire devices? How quickly will you fill up that free 5 GB of storage? Are you tempted at all to upgrade to one of the bigger tiers? Are there other cloud storage services you guys prefer to Amazon?

Source: Amazon