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Amazon announces upgraded Echo Dot with vastly improved sound quality

Amazon's Echo Dot is one of the most accessible smart speakers on the market, and now it's getting even better. At the company's secret event at its HQ in Seattle, Amazon unveiled its third-generation Dot.

The new Dot has a similar footprint compared to the second-gen model but now features a fabric design that looks a lot homier than the hard plastic that was used before. It honestly looks like the love child of an Echo Dot and Google Home Mini, and to be honest, we're not complaining about that at all.

One area where the Home Mini easily outperformed the second-gen Dot is in sound quality, but with gen-three, that's something Amazon's hoping to change. The new Echo Dot boasts a 1.6-inch driver and is rated to be 70% louder than the previous model with much clearer audio.

You can purchase the Echo Dot starting today for $49.99.

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  • I'm all tied to the Google Home ecosystem and stopped using Alexa at all but it is good to see Amazon pushing hard on this, it promotes competition and gives people more choices, if anything at least Google is pressed to continue improving Home and the Assistant...
  • I agree. I personally prefer Assistant to Alexa but Amazon is killing it in this segment. Google will have to get aggressive and creative to keep up. It's not just about speakers anymore. Microsoft has the right idea, making Cortana a part of Windows instead of a traditional assistant, and tying in with Alexa. Means they don't have to compete directly until they're ready (if ever).