Sonos One

We're live today from Chelsea in New York City, where Sonos has just unveiled the highly anticipated Sonos One — its first speaker that integrates Amazon's Alexa assistant. The speaker will be available on October 24 for $199. Pre-orders start today.

Sonos One looks and a lot like (and is very much based off of) the Play:1, which has been Sonos' entry-level — but still excellent — speaker. The big difference here is the inclusion of a six-microphone array — and the inclusion of Alexa, of course.

Sonos One will also be able to control all of Sonos' other speakers. But really Sonos sees it as the one speaker to rule them all. In 2018 it'll be a fully open platform, allowing any music service to work with Sonos. And any existing application will be able to tie in to Sonos, much like Google Play Music does already. Sonos also will support Apple's AirPlay 2, so anything you can play on an iOS device can also be played over your Sonos system. Support for Google Assistant will also arrive in 2018.

Pre-order the Sonos One

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