Alexa integration now available for UE Boom 2 and UE Megaboom speakers

Ultimate Ears Boom 2
Ultimate Ears Boom 2 (Image credit: Ultimate Ears)

Amazon's Alexa platform has proven to be very useful for companies that want to create smart devices that are already part of an existing ecosystem. The latest addition to that ecosystem is the Logitech UE Boom 2 and the UE Megaboom.

The speakers added Google Now integration last year, but users now have one more option for their smart assistant: Alexa. Listeners will need to update the UE Boom or UE Megaboom companion app to update the firmware on the speakers before Alexa integration can be enabled.

Curiously, the update changelog specifies that the integration will not work if the user has a Huawei Mate 9, Google Pixel or OnePlus device. From the Play Store listing:


  • Amazon Alexa voice integration on UE BOOM 2. The Amazon Alexa voice integration on UE BOOM 2 feature works through a quick press to the Bluetooth button on your UE BOOM 2. Amazon Alexa voice on UE BOOM 2 is available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany only. Huawei MATE 9, Pixel, and OnePlus phones are not supported.

The speakers do not feature always on microphones, so users will need to press the Bluetooth button on the speakers to trigger Alexa.

Do you own a UE Boom 2 or MEGABOOM and plan on using Alexa? Let us know down below!

Tom Westrick