Alcatel Xess

When we last saw the Xess — the massive 17-inch Android tablet from Alcatel — it was doing its best impression of a possible one-device-to-rule-your-home sort of thing. It's grown a little bit in purpose since then, though it's still a ways from actually going on sale. (Sometime in the first half of the year, for around $499, we're told.)

CES 2016

What's really new is the launcher you see before you. You're essentially looking at three (and then some) dedicated quadrants for things like recipes, Amazon shopping, YouTube or Hulu, and news and social media. The space on the left is meant for things like home video monitoring, which can live there for constant viewing. And, in fact, Alcatel is looking at bundling an IP camera with the Xess.

It's early yet, and what we're looking at very much is in an unfinished state. But the gist is you've got a launcher made up of several mini-browsers, and the hole thing is envisioned on living in the kitchen more than serving as any sort whole home hub. (On the other hand, maybe a browser-centric launcher would be more flexible than we think.

Otherwise, this is the same Xess we saw in Berlin in late summer 2015. It's running Lollipop, has a couple of excellent stereo speakers, and, frankly, is a beast.

Stand by for more on this one as the year progresses.