An update is now rolling out to Adobe Lightroom, bringing mobile photo editing aficionados an all new pro mode for the built-in camera. This update also packs a couple of other notable tweaks that should make using the app much nicer.

Adobe Lightroom for Android brings new pro features to built-in camera

Here's the full skinny on what's new in Adobe Lightroom version 2.1 for Android:

  • New and improved in-app camera. The new interface makes it even easier to capture photos at their best, providing a modern mobile capture experience. When supported by the device, take control over the shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and focus.
  • Improved full resolution output. Images that were added through Lightroom on the web or Lightroom mobile can be exported at their native resolution.
  • Support for latest Adobe Camera Raw functionality
  • Various bug fixes

In addition, there's a new Lightroom Camera widget that will let you launch Lightroom directly into the built-in camera from your home screen.

If you're interested in checking out everything that's new, you can grab Lightroom 2.1 on Google Play now.