Add smart white lights around the house with this Philips Hue 3-bulb starter kit on sale for $55

The Philips Hue white 3-bulb starter kit is down to $55.35 on Amazon. This kit has been selling for around $60 since early September, but before that it was selling for around $80. It hadn't dropped much from that $80 price point either until these recent sales. Today's deal is the best price we've seen for the kit.

If you need some color in your smart home, you can get this multi-color 3-bulb starter kit for $99.99 on Amazon. It was selling for as much as $160 until the end of August when it hit this price. The savings aren't quite as new, but the deal is just as good.

Use your app to set schedules, turn the lights on and off, or dim them during certain times of day. You can even create a routine to slowly turn them off to help you get ready for sleep. Use the Bridge to connect to Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

This kit includes three white bulbs and the Philips Hue Bridge, which are all the things you'll need to start using smart lights. All you have to do is replace any A19 bulbs you have around the house with these new ones and use the Philips Hue app to connect the bulbs to your new Bridge. The Bridge then acts as a hub between the bulbs and your smart home ecosystem, letting you control the bulbs with your voice if you want. You can also use the free app to set schedules, build routines, and turn them on and off without getting off the couch. Each bulb lasts for over 25,000 hours, meaning that you'll save money compared to the costs of replacement bulbs before even factoring in the energy-saving LEDs that should lower your monthly power bill.

Remember the Bridge can control a lot more than the three bulbs this kit comes with. Look out for more ways to expand your smart lighting with light strips, dimmer switches, and more.

John Levite
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