Add over one million songs to Audica with this brilliant osu! converter

Audica (Image credit: Harmonix)

What you need to know

  • One modder has created a tool that will automatically convert any osu! beatmap to Audica.
  • Modified beatmaps can be used in most versions of Audica, including the Oculus Quest and PCVR versions. The PSVR version does not support custom songs.
  • Over one million beatmaps can be downloaded for free from the osu! website and converted over to play in Audica.

Audica may be one of the best VR rhythm games on the market but, like any good rhythm game, it only lasts as long as the number of songs available. Audica released VR platforms like the Oculus Quest in March 2019 with 33 total songs and has since had 4 DLC song packs. While that's quite a lot of songs to play through, veteran players have likely mastered them all at this point. Thankfully, for them and every other player that's just looking for some new songs, the modding community has come through once again.

Thanks to the work of a modder named Zerny, over one million songs from the popular rhythm game osu! can now be easily imported into Audica. The visual gameplay similarities between the two games is undeniable, as both games require you to eliminate circles that appear on-screen to the beat of a song — the main difference is that you shoot these targets in Audica, while you'll click them in osu!. Songs in osu! are all created with compatible copyright status to ensure there are no issues while streaming or otherwise mapping the songs and sharing them on the Internet.

If you're ready to get some new Audica songs, head on over to the osu! song browser and download all the songs you want. Featured artists include popular names like Celldweller, Camellia, and Noisia to name just three of the hundreds available on the platform. Once you've done that, download the Audica Coverter from GitHub.

Songs can be converted by dragging them to the Audica Converter executable and then following the Audica Modding Guide to get them imported to your VR platform of choice. This brilliant converter doesn't just take the beatmaps from osu! and directly convert them to Audica. Rather, it uses an intelligent algorithm to pair the beatmaps with each hand in a way that makes sense for Audica's gameplay style. The result is a virtually flawless execution of translation, although some songs are likely better suited for osu!'s unique gameplay style rather than Audica's.

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