Acer Will Launch More Android Phones Next Year

Acer, which already makes the upcoming Acer Liquid (which looks great), is planning to build more Android-powered handsets in 2010. After using Windows Mobile for nearly all of their previous handsets, Acer's 2010 lineup will look to be "more balanced". According to Acer:

“There is definitely momentum behind Android. The pace is faster than most would have anticipated one year ago,”

Acer has plans to launch 8-10 handsets in 2010, so given the 'balance' that Acer aspires, we can kind of, sort of assume that half the devices will run Android. At the very least we can assume three Android devices. However, judging by the great looks and specs of the Acer Liquid, we're hoping that Acer surprises us with a ton of quality Android handsets. If Acer is looking to get serious in the smartphone space, it'll know that Android is where it's headed.


Casey Chan