Acer Iconia Smart Hands-on [MWC]

Sometimes you just want a phone that's crazy, crazy tall. Enter the Acer Iconia Smart, which sports a 4.8" 1024 x 480 screen at a 21:9 aspect ratio. Toss in an 8mp camera on the back with 720p recording and 1.3mp on the front, a unibody metal casing (but as you can see in the video below, it doesn't quite feel as awesome as other unibody phones), Android 2.3, HDMI-out, DLNA, and Acer's can't-get-no-respect-but-it's-not-bad Breeze UI and you have a phone that's pretty indicative of where Acer is in the Android market right now: an interesting underachiever that deserves a second look but is still waiting for US carrier to invite them to the dance. In other words - pricing and availability not yet known.

More photos and (a shaky) video after the break!

[YouTube link]

  • Looks interesting...wonder what battery it's sporting.
  • I wonder how long these phones will last before you find out it's defective
  • That phone just looks awkward to hold. I have a Droid X and the height to width ratio on it is pushing the limit on one handed use so the Acer just seems like to much to me.
  • No phone is as comfortable in the hand as is the Nexus One. I have had all kinds of phones and the Nexus One is my go to device. I have the MyTouch 4G, great phone, fast as lightening but the Nexus One is still my go to phone.
  • That is freakish tall, I gotta figure it would be tough to use. vinny is right, the Nexus One is stunning. I wish the Nexus One design would remain and get some updated innards. The N1 imho is the best looking device ever.