Acer announces new Chromebox for meetings CXV2

Acer has announced a new entry into its Chromebox lineup with the Chromebox for meetings CXV2. Like previous Chromeboxes, the Chromebox for meetings CXV2 is a small Chrome OS desktop unit that can easily be mounted behind a monitor. What makes it stand out from its brethren, however, is that it comes bundled with a camera, remote control, and a microphone and speaker.

Acer says that the Chromebox for meetings CXV2 is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor with integrated graphics, and the included camera sports a full 1080p resolution with a Carl Zeiss lens and automatic low-light correction. Additionally, the remote features a full QWERTY keyboard and the microphone includes wideband frequency response, along with mute, end call and volume buttons.

Acer says that specifications, prices and availability will vary by region, and it doesn't appear to be available just yet in the U.S..

Source: Acer

Dan Thorp-Lancaster