Aaxa P1 Jr. Pico Projector

The Aaxa P1 Jr. Pico Projector is a small, portable projector designed to work with cameras and camcorders. However, having the right cables and adapters will allow the savvy Android phone user to display content directly from their phone onto the projector. I used my Droid Incredible A/V cable to demo the device and was left with a very positive opinion. The P1 Jr. is easy to set up and use and would get a lot of use from someone who likes to show off pictures and videos to others. 

The P1 Jr. has an A/V plug along with a composite video adapter, a micro USB plug with a full USB adapter, and a slot for an SD card for getting content from your device onto the wall. It has an internal batter which will last about 3 hours when fully charged and has a built-in speaker for audio. Aaxa ships a small tripod with each projector, so you don't need to worry about having your own. Because the projector is not specifically designed to work with Android devices it is not listed in the Android Central Store. However, you can find it from several online retailers for around $110, including Amazon. Jump past the break for a video walkthrough.


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