Voltme GaN chargers hands-on: Compact, energy-efficient, and versatile

Voltme GaN chargers
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Brands like Aukey and RAVPower have long dominated the budget segment when it comes to high-quality GaN chargers of good repute. Since Amazon removed both companies' products from its online store, you're mostly left with more expensive alternatives such as Anker.

Of course, we can't leave Baseus out of the mix, but the charger brand focuses on bigger USB-C chargers as opposed to small, pocket-sized wall chargers with lower output speeds like 30W. I love me some Baseus charging solutions, but most of the chargers from the company are quite big, and not the most stylish if I'm being honest.

A little brand called Voltme seems to have identified this teeny, tiny gap in the world of gallium nitride charging. The company makes some cleverly designed USB-C GaN chargers that come in various sizes and offer different speeds. Voltme's chargers are also budget-friendly, but they still retain that premium look and feel.


Voltme's Revo Series of GaN chargers is available in 30W, 65W, and 100W models, outfitted with all the right USB specs needed for faster charging speeds. Foldable prongs and gallium nitride work together to reduce the size without sacrificing efficiency or safety.

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Built with precision

Voltme GaN chargers

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

Buying the right charger is tricky business, but those of you who favor compact solutions are surely familiar with GaN — or gallium nitride — chargers. What makes Voltme's USB-C chargers extra special is the use of this special ingredient in their making. Gallium nitride enables manufacturers to create much smaller chargers, which are capable of handling heat and power more efficiently, as opposed to silicone-based chargers.

I had the opportunity to test the Voltme Revo Series of GaN chargers. USB-C is king, so it's only natural that every one of these Voltme GaN chargers comes with at least one Type-C port. You can also choose from 30W, 65W, and 100W options.

Here are all the versions that Voltme offers under the Revo Series banner, all of which were provided to me for hands-on testing:

  • Voltme Revo Series 30W GaN Charger C+A
  • Voltme Revo Series 30W GaN Charger C+C
  • Voltme Revo Series 65W GaN Charger C+C+A
  • Voltme Revo Series 100W GaN Charger C+C+A

All of the Voltme USB-C GaN chargers feature a diverse range of fast charging profiles and standards. This includes Programmable Power Supply (PPS), Power Delivery (PD) 3.0, and Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC) 3.0. To add to that, Voltme's Type-C chargers incorporate the latest GaN III technology that brands like Anker and Spigen use.

Voltme GaN chargers

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To bolster safety, and also to smarten up the Type-C chargers, Voltme equips each one of these babies with its very own V-Dynamic smart chip. This proprietary technology helps Voltme USB-C GaN chargers intelligently regulate heat and manage power output between all ports.

The various USB protocols enable you to get the maximum fast charging speed for whatever device is plugged in. Of course, for anything over 60W, you need a compatible e-marked 5A USB-C cable. So, whether you charge your Google Pixel 6 or your MacBook Air, you'll definitely be able to top up the battery at the highest possible charging speed.

Voltme GaN chargers

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These Voltme chargers have the brains, but what about the beauty? The exterior is important because that's what your eyes see all the time, but also because of functionality. Voltme's USB-C constructions are well-built and truly feel premium. Little touches like folding prongs and indicative LED lights are to be credited.

The matte black looks high-end, and the textured sides add grip, assisting you to pull out the chargers when you're done juicing up your tech. The Voltme USB-C GaN chargers also come in white, with a similar matte finish and the brilliant grippy sides.

Overall, the design of these clever chargers is clearly well-thought-out. Since the prongs fold away in a jiffy, it's a breeze to pop one of these Voltme Type-C chargers into your pants pockets or backpack.

Voltme GaN chargers

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

I've been using Voltme's GaN chargers for over two months now, and they continue to serve me perfectly. Because I tested so many models, I figured out the best use for each size and power option of the Voltme Revo Series.

Just like me, you can easily chuck the teensiest (and cutest) 30W charger in your purse. The mid-sized and versatile 65W charger is great near a bedside table, as it has a nice mix of ports. Because of its high power output, the beefed-up 3-port 100W GaN charger is perfect for a professional workstation.

There's a little something for every kind of user here, and in every conceivable size. Tying everything neatly together is the price. Voltme's Revo Series of USB-C GaN chargers can easily go head to head with Anker since they are more affordable. I have no qualms in recommending you to grab any one of these chargers. You won't be sacrificing quality, speed, or efficiency over another comparable brand.

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