XGIMI takes its home projectors to the next level with Horizon Max

XGIMI Horizon Max
(Image credit: XGIMI)

XGIMI introduced the Horizon Ultra a few months ago, solidifying its position in the home projector segment. The Horizon Ultra ushered in a new design aesthetic that's much more premium and introduced Dolby Vision, and XGIMI is building on that design with its 2024 offering, the Horizon Max. The key differentiator with the Horizon Max is that it offers IMAX Enhanced certification, being one of the first long throw projectors to do so.

The Horizon Max also switches to a gimbal-style design that allows it to be that much more versatile to set up; I used JMGO's N1 Ultra that had a similar system, and it was significantly easier to use. XGIMI says the Horizon Max will be able to able to automatically decide the best projection for each wall, and the best part is that it then remembers the setting, so when you move it between rooms, it will tweak the projection accordingly.

XGIMI says this is made possible by a combination of a 3D ToF sensor and software tuning, and I'm intrigued to see how it holds up in real-world testing. The brand notes that it will include the tech in the rest of its 2024 portfolio, including portable projectors.

The Horizon Max uses a dual-light source, and you get an ultra-wide color gamut with brightness going up to 3,100 lumens, and contrast of 2000:1. This is essentially XGIMI's brightest projector to date, and sales are set to kick off at the end of 2024 — with the Horizon Ultra just hitting shelves, it's understandable that XGIMI doesn't want to roll out an updated model so soon. Like the Ultra, the Max comes with Google TV out of the box, and there's no telling if Netflix is bundled out of the box this year.

XGIMI Aladdin

(Image credit: XGIMI)

XGIMI is also showing off the Aladdin, a ceiling fixture that is basically a projector, speaker, and smart light all rolled into one. The device can project an image of up to 100 inches, and you can use it as an ambient noise machine at night. XGIMI is showing off the Horizon Max and Aladdin at CES, with availability details set to follow later in the year.

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