Wi-Fi should be fast in every room, make it so with mega 50% off savings on Nest Wifi from Google

Nest Wifi
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Your internet company probably gave you a simple, no-frills router when you signed up for service. While its speeds are probably decent if you're in the same room, these routers are disappointing when it comes to whole-home Wi-Fi performance. With a mesh Wi-Fi system, like Nest Wifi, you can place multiple compact routers around your home which form an interconnected mesh that keeps your speeds high. 

These little routers do all of the heavy lifting so things like your phone, tablet, or laptop can connect to a nearby access point. They're also easy to set up with the Google Home app on Android or iPhone.

Nest Wifi is a good pick for a home with fast internet speeds and a lot of area to cover. The idea isn't to provide the absolute fastest speeds, but to keep performance consistent with plenty of speed for anything you need to do online be it 4K streaming, work-from-home meetings, or just browsing social media in bed. Nest Wifi pulls this off with a snappy AC2200 dual-band connection.

If your Wi-Fi isn't holding up in every room of the house, it's time for an upgrade and Google has the deals to make right now the time to buy.

Nest Wifi (3-pack): $468 $228.82 at Amazon

Nest Wifi (3-pack): $468 $228.82 at Amazon

Nest Wifi is a quick little mesh kit with three nodes offering enough coverage for most medium to large houses or apartments. This three-pack contains three identical AC2200 routers so you get as much speed as possible from your mesh.

Google Wifi (3-pack): $199.99 $139.98 at Amazon

Google Wifi (3-pack): $199.99 $139.98 at Amazon

Google Wifi is an entry-level mesh Wi-Fi kit with an AC1200 connection offering just enough speed to smooth browsing and streaming around the home. Gamers and heavy streamers may find the speeds to be lacking but the average user should have no trouble with day-to-day usage.

Not everyone needs or has access to a fast enough internet connection to fully utilize a Nest Wifi setup. Google Wifi is a great pick for internet connection under 500Mbps with its AC1200 dual-band connection. Google Wifi isn't the fastest kit but it doesn't need to be with plenty of speed for average users. If you're a gamer, streamer, or work from home, our Nest Wifi review showed improved average speeds compared to Google Wifi despite both routers using Wi-Fi 5.

One thing to note is that Nest Wifi is compatible with Google Wifi nodes for expansion. For example, if you needed a little more coverage but speed is a lower priority in some areas of your home, you could deploy a Google Wifi router to fill in the gap. The Nest Wifi point is also available with a built-in Google Home smart speaker and similar speeds to a Google Wifi router.

Of course, you can also check out the best Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers if you're trying to get every last megabit out of your connection or live in a dense area with a lot of congestion that would benefit from the newer tech.

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