Google's next-gen Nest Wifi spotted with a major upgrade in tow

Nest Wifi
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What you need to know

  • Google's next Nest Wifi router appeared at the FCC.
  • The details inform readers that Google's next router will include Wi-Fi 6E connectivity.
  • Wi-Fi 6E increases the bandwidth to 6GHz which should assist users when there are multiple wireless devices connected to one router to remain stable and fast.

Google is in the process of fixing its overall "meh" Nest Wifi by including Wi-Fi 6E support with its next-gen iteration.

Google's next release of its Nest Wifi has hit the FCC for certification, as spotted by 9to5Google. The model number for the product is "G6ZUC," and the information provided by the FCC suggests that the new Wi-Fi router will arrive with Wifi 6E connectivity.

This would be a significant upgrade over Google's current mesh routers, since the current batch released with Wi-Fi 5 despite coming out around the time Wi-Fi 6 devices did. This sort of put the soon-to-be last-gen device at a disadvantage when placed up against other best Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers.

Wi-Fi 6E is an excellent upgrade to Wi-Fi 6, essentially opening up the bandwidth to 6GHz. This means that, even though there may be a lot of wireless devices connected to a router around you, your device will still maintain its speed and consistency without interruption. In addition, it was also speculated that Google's upcoming Nest Wifi router could theoretically increase speeds up to 9.6Gbps thanks to the bump in Wi-Fi standards.

According to the FCC's given information, Google has requested the more important details of its new Nest Wifi router to be kept confidential for the next six months. The public could see information about the new router released then, which could place it in early 2023 or perhaps even sooner.

Some newer devices already support Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, so bringing this to its upcoming Nest Wifi mesh router will finally show some much-needed love to consumers' wireless home devices, especially those looking to future-proof their setups.

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