Arlo's new Essential Cameras promise to keep your home secure, for less

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What you need to know

  • Arlo has announced three new security cameras and a new Video Doorbell. 
  • All four products fall under Arlo's "Essential" line, making them more affordable than other Arlo products.
  • Pre-orders for the Essential Outdoor Camera, Essential XL Outdoor Camera, Essential Indoor Camera, and Video Doorbell start now. 
  • Arlo will release its new lineup of smart home security cameras on October 2. 

One of the biggest complaints when it comes to outfitting your home with the best security cameras is the cost. Arlo is looking to change that as it has announced its lineup of 2nd Generation "Essential" cameras and Video Doorbell. 

There are a total of four new products coming soon, starting with the Arlo Essential XL Outdoor Camera. Arlo claims this upgraded camera will be able to last for up to four times longer thanks to the "expanded built-in rechargeable battery." It features a 130-degree FoV, along with a built-in spotlight found just below the camera sensor. 

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Other features of the Essential XL include two-way audio, along with Color Night Vision. You'll also be able to mount this either indoors or outdoors, and it even supports motion detection, which is key with a smart security camera. The Essential XL Outdoor Camera (2nd Gen) is priced at either $99 for the HD version or $149 if you want the 2K camera.

Those who like the idea of an outdoor camera but don't want one as large as the Essential XL will want to check out the non-XL version. Many of the features are the same across both the Essential and Essential XL, including the 130-degree FoV, two-way audio, integrated spotlight, and more. 

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The Essential Outdoor Camera (2nd Gen) is battery-powered, removing concerns about whether you'll need to deal with wiring. According to Arlo, this camera will last for up to four months on a charge before you'll need to juice up the battery. Pricing for the 2K version comes in at $99, or you can get the HD model for just $49. 

Arguably, the biggest upgrade comes to the Essential Indoor Camera (2nd Gen), as its design has been overhauled to fall in line with Arlo's other new devices. If you're someone who isn't a big fan of having cameras inside your home, you'll be able to rest easy thanks to the "Automatic Privacy Shield." 

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Using the Arlo app, you'll be able to "easily close the shield with a tap on your smartphone." We wish that there was some way to activate the Privacy Shield directly on the camera, but some privacy is better than no privacy. Like the Outdoor Cameras, the Essential Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) comes with either a 2K or HD resolution and is priced at either $79 or $39, respectively.

Rounding out the pack is the upgraded Essential Wireless Video Doorbell (2nd Gen). It features a 180-degree FoV, along with Night Vision and Motion Detection, while also sporting 2-way audio and an "integrated siren." Installation couldn't be easier, as you can opt to install this doorbell with wires or ditch the cables and go wireless.

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The built-in microphones also offer "noise reduction and echo cancellation," so you'll be able to actually talk to whoever is at the door without any frustrations. Coming as little surprise, the Essential Wireless Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) can be had with either a 2K or HD camera and is priced at $129 or $79, respectively. 

As you might suspect, all four of these devices are compatible with Arlo Secure, giving you the ability to view up to 30 days of video, along with having 24/7 Emergency Response, and "smarter notifications." A free trial of Arlo Secure is included with every purchase, and plans start at $4.99 for a single camera or $12.99 for "unlimited cameras."

Lastly, you won't have to wait too much longer if you want to get your home set up with some new smart security cameras. All four of Arlo's upgraded "Essential" products are set to be released on October 2, but you can pre-order them starting today.

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