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eero 6+ review
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Amazon's eero mesh Wi-Fi routers are some of the simplest mesh routers you can buy with more of a focus on ease of use and reliability than pure speed. You might think this would make eero unpopular among tech-savvy nerds but the opposite is true. Wi-Fi is a key component of any modern electronic device and having a strong and reliable signal makes it easier to enjoy the rest of our tech.

Eero has more router options than ever with five options to choose from and several are some of the best mesh Wi-Fi routers you can get. Don't let the choice overwhelm you though as eero provides simple recommendations based on your internet speed. You can find the speed you should be getting on your internet bill if you're not sure.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you from getting the fastest eero and calling it a day, but in reality, you may not need to spend as much as you think to get a significant Wi-Fi upgrade.

When you buy eero from Best Buy, you can choose to have it delivered as soon as this week or, if you have a store nearby, you can order it online and pick it up as soon as today. If you've got tech on the way thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, a strong Wi-Fi connection can help you get the most out of your new devices.

Save on eero at Best Buy with Cyber Monday deals

eero 6 (1-pack, 1,500 square feet): $89 $75 at Best Buy

eero 6 (1-pack, 1,500 square feet): $89 $75 at Best Buy

eero 6 (2-pack, 3,000 square feet): $139 $118 at Best Buy

eero 6 (3-pack, 4,500 square feet): $199 $169 at Best Buy

Amazon's eero 6 is a compact Wi-Fi 6 router that serves as a good entry-level option for most people. Eero notes that the AX1800 dual-band connection on this router is a good fit for internet connections up to 900Mbps as a single and up to 500Mbps if you have two or more.

One thing to note is that each pack comes with an eero 6 router but the multi-packs include a single router and extenders. The 3-pack, for example, has a router and two extenders. The extenders work much the same as routers but don't have wired Ethernet ports.

eero Pro 6 (1-pack, 2,000 square feet): $229 $148 at Best Buy

eero Pro 6 (1-pack, 2,000 square feet): $229 $148 at Best Buy

eero Pro 6 (2-pack, 3,500 square feet): $399 $259 at Best Buy

eero Pro 6 (3-pack, 6,000 square feet): $599 $389 at Best Buy

 The eero Pro 6 is a tri-band upgrade to the eero 6 with an extra 5GHz band taking the speed up to AX4200. That allows the mesh to handle gigabit speeds, even when connected to one of the mesh eeros. This is thanks to one of the 5GHz bands being dedicated to linking the nodes together to keep mesh performance high.

Coverage is a bit stronger than eero 6 and the size is a bit larger but eero Pro 6 is still a very compact router overall. If you have a gigabit internet connection and want to make sure you can use every bit of it, eero Pro 6 is the way to go.

While both of these routers have support for Wi-Fi 6, it's not the most capable version. Wi-Fi 6 is limited to 80MHz connections on eero 6 and eero Pro 6. That means a max 5GHz speed of 1201Mbps. While this is fine for a single router, that connection must be split to create a mesh. The eero Pro 6 sidesteps this issue by adding another 5GHz band with support for 2402Mbps via MU-MIMO. That allows the system to support gigabit speeds but the extra hardware drives up the cost.

Keep in mind that eero 6 bundles are made up of a single eero 6 and eero 6 Extenders. Extenders have very similar hardware to eero 6 but lack any wired abilities. If you need wired support in one of your rooms, you'll need to add a single eero 6 router with wired support. Luckily you can also mix and match eeros so you can pick a cheaper one if you need a bit more coverage.

Speaking of increasing coverage, Amazon has upgraded its Echo devices to act as eero extenders. If you have an Echo Dot (4th gen) it will get an update to enable this feature but if you get Echo Dot (5th gen) or Echo (4th gen) you can add them to the mesh right away. Keep in mind that these devices are not built for Wi-Fi speed so they should be thought of as devices to fill in a few gaps, not to form the majority of the nesh.

Add the latest Wi-Fi tech to your network with eero 6+ and eero Pro 6E

eero Pro 6E review

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eero 6+ (1-pack, 1,500 square feet): $139 $90 at Best Buy

eero 6+ (1-pack, 1,500 square feet): $139 $90 at Best Buy

eero 6+ (2-pack, 3,000 square feet): $239 $155 at Best Buy

eero 6+ (1-pack, 4,500 square feet): $299 $194 at Best Buy

If you want support for gigabit speeds without giving up the compact size of eero 6, eero 6+ may be the perfect fit. This router upgrades to newer WI-FI 6 tech with support for 160MHz connection compared to just 80MHz on eero 6 and eero Pro 6. That gives this little router AX3000 speeds from a dual-band connection.

Unlike eero 6, Amazon has ditched the standalone extenders and all eero 6+ routers are identical. That gives you Ethernet on every single node so you can wire up some of your devices for better performance. You can also run an Ethernet to one of the remote eeros for a strong backhaul link.

eero Pro 6E (1-pack, 2,000 square feet): $299 $179 at Best Buy

eero Pro 6E (1-pack, 2,000 square feet): $299 $179 at Best Buy

eero Pro 6E (2-pack, 4,000 square feet): $499 $299 at Best Buy

eero Pro 6E (3-pack, 6,000 square feet): $699 $419 at Best Buy

The eero Pro 6E is Amazon's most powerful router with a snappy AXE5400 connection. This tri-band connection not only adds 160MHz support but uses the latest 6GHz spectrum to keep it fast in congested areas. The eero Pro 6E nodes can use this fast 6GHz connection to link the mesh so you can benefit from WI-Fi 6E even if you don't have a Wi-Fi 6E device yet.

This is also eero's first multi-gig router with two 2.5Gbps Ethernet ports on each node. If you've upgraded to 2Gbps internet from an ISP like AT&T or Xfinity, this router will help you get more of that speed around the house.

In my eero 6+ review, I found it to be one of my favorite mesh kits. The speeds were solid for a dual-band kit and reliability was excellent. I also reviewed eero Pro 6E and while the 6GHz performance wasn't quite as good as I expected, overall performance was strong. Even with the minor issues with Wi-Fi 6E, it's still the fastest eero by a wide margin.

One last thing to remember about mesh Wi-Fi is that each router in your mesh needs to be able to see at least one other and be able to find a path back to the main eero. That means that you'll have to have a bit of overlap in your coverage so your coverage will likely be less than the advertised number. It might be worth it to overbuy now and return what you don't need a little later. You can always add eeros to your mesh later, but they'll be more expensive after Cyber Monday deals expire.

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