The half-size Slim S Pen with case gets a half-price discount for Cyber Monday

The new slimmer S Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Whether you bought your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 on Black Friday/Cyber Monday or sometime earlier in the year, you can now take advantage of another excellent deal for the phone. Samsung's excellent Slim S Pen case is on sale for 48% off at Amazon, making it the cheapest we've ever seen the case since it launched alongside the Z Fold 5 in August.

This handy case comes in several different colors and includes the new Slim S Pen right on the back. That makes it feel similar to a Galaxy S23 Ultra, except that this pen is twice the size and a lot more comfortable to use. Best Buy also has it on sale but it's quite a bit more expensive there.

Samsung Slim S Pen case for Z Fold 5:$99.99$51.25 at Amazon

Samsung Slim S Pen case for Z Fold 5: $99.99 $51.25 at Amazon

Get the half-size Slim S Pen for half the price on Cyber Monday with this 48% off deal. Now, you can have a S Pen docked right in the back of your Z Fold 5 without the unsightly bump of the old design.

I reviewed the Slim S Pen case back when it came out and fell in love with its design immediately. Galaxy Z Fold owners have been longing for an S Pen that docks into the phone itself and I think this is the best option Samsung could have come up with.

It's not as large as the previous Fold Edition S Pen but it's also not the tiny, uncomfortable thing that comes inside the Galaxy S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra, either. Since it's slimmer, it doesn't produce a massive bump as the previous Fold Edition S Pen did, which means it doesn't have to hang off the side of the case, either.

Demoing how the S Pen fits in the Slim S Pen Case for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Plus, the ingenious latching mechanism is easy to unclip and reclip at a moment's notice. Like the S Pen Fold Edition, the Slim S Pen is built for the Z Fold 5's ultrathin glass on the large, inner display. That way you can doodle or write all you want without worrying about cracking the foldable glass.

Right now, there's no better S Pen solution and, thanks to this Cyber Monday deal, no better price.

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