Peak Design's products almost never go on sale, but they're up to 40% off right now

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L V2 in Midnight Blue on a table in a café outdoors

I got started with Peak Design a few months ago, and I now understand why everyone makes such a big deal when it comes to the brand's products. The Everyday Backpack V2 is now my go-to option for travel, and it has everything I need in a tech-focused bag.

What makes the Backpack V2 is the ease of access; there are zips on both sides that go across the length of the bag, and there's a nifty MagLatch system that lets you quickly reach into the bag. The bag is sold in 20L and 30L variants, and I wanted a larger bag that can be used for storing a change of clothes as well, so I went with the latter.

The bag usually starts out at $279 (I know) but it is now available for $251, a modest 10% discount. The brand's products usually never go on sale, so getting 10% off on its best-selling bag is a decent deal. If you need a travel-focused bag instead, the Travel Duffelpack has a much more enticing 30% discount at the moment.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2: $279 $251 at Amazon

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2: $279 $251 at Amazon

This is the best tech bag I ever used, and while it isn't a massive discount, it makes the bag a little more affordable. 

Peak Design also makes a phone case called the Everyday Case, and it has a burgeoning ecosystem of accessories that plug into the case. I particularly like the Mobile Wallet Stand accessory; it is a slim wallet that attaches to the case, and it doubles up as a kickstand. The Mobile Wallet Stand is 30% off at the moment, and that's a good bargain for what you're getting.

Peak Design Everyday Case: Up to 40% off at Peak Design

Peak Design Everyday Case: Up to 40% off at Peak Design

Peak Design's best-selling case combines stylish protection with a unique SlimLink mount that lets you attach a host of accessories. The case is available for the latest Samsung, Pixel, and iPhones, so head to the link below if you need a case. 

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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