Beats Studio Pro arrives with dynamic Spatial Audio and fine-tuned audio profiles

A look at the various colorways for the Beats Studio Pro.
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What you need to know

  • Beats has launched its new Studio Pro headphones with a customizable Spatial Audio feature and an integrated digital processor.
  • The device offers ANC and a Transparency mode to fit your listening mood.
  • The Studio Pro offers 40 hours of battery life and an additional three audio profiles for music, entertainment, and phone calls.
  • The Beats Studio Pro can be pre-ordered for $349 and will ship on July 20.

Beats is looking to improve its "cultural legacy" as it launches the brand's latest headphones packed with some upgraded features. According to a press release, the Apple-owned company Beats has launched its new Studio Pro wireless Bluetooth headphones. Beats state consumers will find a seamless leather design paired with its new UltraPlush over-ear cushions for added comfort over long listening periods.

The adjustable sides are crafted from a premium metal material, as well.

For its sound, the Beats Studio Pro delivers 40mm drivers in each ear that are said to offer "zero distortion even at high volume." To get the most out of your sound, Beats has included dynamic head-tracking Spatial Audio with its launch of the Studio Pro. If tunes are recorded in Dolby Atmos, Beats states users will experience theater-like quality through the headphones. 

A side view of the Beats Studio Pro in its Sandstone colorway.

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The headset is also further improved by offering two listening modes: active noise cancellation (ANC) and a transparency mode. The device's ANC technology will monitor your surroundings for loud noises, blocking them out for an uninterrupted experience.

Transparency mode will mix the sound around a user with their music so they remain aware even when they're jamming.

The Studio Pro headphones contain an integrated digital process that should optimize what users hear for a balanced experience that brings out the smallest details in music and other sounds.

Beats' latest product looks like it'll keep you immersed with its 40 hours of battery life. However, as stated, if consumers have ANC or Transparency mode enabled the device can last up to 24 hours. For a quick charge, the Studio Pro's Fast Fuel technology will kick in, gaining enough battery for four hours in just ten minutes.

Several key features the Beats Studio Pro headphones offer.

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Users can enjoy their sounds with the Studio Pro in a few ways, beginning with its Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity. The company states if users choose to connect via its USB-C, they will experience lossless audio as well as a moment to charge the device. Audio brought forth through its USB-C connection lets users switch between three sound profiles.

The profiles start with Beats Signature for a balanced session fit for all genres. The Entertainment profile picks things up for movies and games, while the Conversation profile is better for quick phone calls or podcasts.

The Studio Pro headphones are compatible with Android devices as Beats states users can take advantage of Google's Fast Pair technology. Audio switching is also possible with the device, allowing users to quickly switch audio from their connected Android phone, Chromebook, or other devices.

If misplaced, users can quickly find their Studio Pro using Google's Find My Device. The Beats app for Android comes in for some added audio customization, software updates, and additional features to truly unlock the potential of the latest product.

Those with Apple's iPhone can utilize One-touch pairing, Siri, Find My, and they can receive OTA updates automatically.

The Beats Studio Pro can be pre-ordered today on or Amazon for $349.99. The latest headphones arrive in black, deep brown, navy, and Sandstone colorways. While the headphones will begin shipping on July 20, consumers in the U.S., Canada, France, and Germany won't have to wait long.

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