This ESR Qi2 wireless car charger is a game-changer

ESR HaloLock Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger
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ESR has already launched new Qi2 magnetic accessories, even though the first Qi2 Android phone has yet to see the light of day. While most of us wait for the Google Pixel 9, hoping and praying that it debuts with Qi2 even though the Samsung Galaxy S24 did not, the first wave of Qi2 gadgets has started hitting the market, and these accessories from ESR are very promising.

This is not the only Qi2 accessory you can buy right now. Brands like Anker, iOttie, and Baseus have all released refreshed versions of their wireless chargers equipped with the latest wireless charging standard. Since Qi2 is built on MagSafe technology, we can finally use the same wireless charging tech on both iOS and Android phones.

ESR HaloLock Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

Why should you care about Qi2? It's because this magnetic wireless charging standard fixes one of the biggest problems of wireless charging in general. You don't have to worry about aligning your phone with the coil in the charger. The magnet inside a Qi2 phone or a magnetic ring stuck on the back of your Android phone will stick to the Qi2 wireless charger, ensuring it is perfectly aligned and doesn't budge.

Currently, the only way you can use ESR's new HaloLock Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger with your Android phone is by getting a MagSafe adapter for Android. These are fairly cheap and easy to use. Of course, things will become a lot easier once phones start launching with Qi2.

Even if you don't own a Qi2-compatible smartphone at the moment, it makes sense to cash into a tool like the ESR HaloLock Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger. With an adhesive metal ring, you can make wireless charging in your car a lot more convenient.

On top of that, all wireless car chargers for Android have arms to secure the device. This makes them bulky and impossible to adjust one-handed while driving. A magnetic car charger like the 15W ESR HaloLock Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger changes everything, letting you mount your phone without any hassle whatsoever.

ESR HaloLock Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

Stability is a concern when it comes to wireless car chargers and mounts, but the ESR HaloLock Qi2 Car Charger is amazingly stable while driving. My testing led me to discover that it is far more stable than traditional car mounts, and this is thanks to its clever design.

ESR includes a one-meter-long USB-C cable in the box as well as both an AC vent clip and an adhesive car mount in the box. I highly recommend sticking with the AC vent clip because it has a tiny stabilizing arm at the bottom that is fully adjustable. You can see it in action in the pictures below.

Thanks to this extra little arm, the ESR HaloLock Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger doesn't budge while driving. I live in a very hilly little town, and the roads are full of potholes. No matter how rough the going got, my Android phone never fell off the Qi2 car charger. It's a bit incredulous because you can still rotate the phone while it's mounted on the AC vent. That said, whatever angle you set your phone at, it just stays put!

Using a navigational app like Google Maps or Waze was much easier than it usually is, thanks to the lack of shaking or jerking. The stabilizing arm is such a simple yet effective way to neutralize those annoying motions that jerk your phone in a car.

I also really appreciate the fact that you get a dash mount in the box, even if it is a really tiny one with 3M adhesive. This means you cannot remove and restick the mount after the first use, but then again, I highly doubt anyone will use it when a much better alternative exists.

ESR HaloLock Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

ESR did everything right with the HaloLock Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger. On top of the super compact, versatile, and stable design, you also get a fabulous price. For the low price of $35.99, you can get yourself a Qi2 car charger. That's a bargain in my opinion. You'll be ready for the future if you decide to cash in.

And even if you don't have a MagSafe iPhone or Qi2 Android phone, it's okay. Until the first Qi2 Android phone comes, a cheap $10 magnetic ring can help you take advantage of cool Qi2 accessories like the ESR HaloLock Car Charger. It makes for an excellent driving companion, and I don't think I can ever go back after experiencing it.

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