Best cases for the Nothing phone (1) in 2023

The splendid Nothing phone (1) made its debut with a bang because it was so unique and innovative. It takes quite a lot to make a name for yourself in today's harshly competitive smartphone market, but Nothing came somewhat close. If you've bought the phone (1) for yourself, congratulations! Now, please get one of the best cases for the Nothing phone (1) before you crack or shatter that unique transparent back. Nothing is indestructible, not even Gorilla Glass 5.

Since the Nothing phone (1) has such an interesting backside, you'll want a clear or sheer case for the device. Grab a bumper cover or something transparent to allow the lights to shine through while protecting your fragile Nothing phone (1).

Marvelous cases for your Nothing phone (1)

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Less is more when it comes to the best Nothing phone (1) covers

The best cases for the Nothing phone (1) are obviously transparent or semi-transparent options with bolstered drop protection. You don't want to cover up the main attraction of the device: those LED lights embedded into the back that make up the Glyph Interface. Since everything on the rear is encased in glass, shock resistance is your number one priority when getting a cover for your Nothing phone (1). This should be followed by a sturdy screen protector.

Notice that the first-party Nothing clear case isn't on our list. That's because it  — along with the Android smartphone itself — is impossible to find anywhere most of the time. Also, it is an incredibly basic silicone cover that doesn't add much to your swanky phone (1), whether it's durability you're after or added pizzazz.

Although your options are pretty limited options, the best Nothing phone (1) cases don't deprive you of excellence. Our favorite phone (1) cover of the lot is the TUDIA SKN Rugged Fit Case. You get a clear case with raised edges and reinforced corners, adding much-needed protection from all manner of bumps, drops, falls, and shocks. The sheer back allows you to make use of the Glyph Interface without interruption, while also letting you admire the unusual transparent nature of the phone. Meanwhile, the sides are cleverly textured to add grip as yet another anti-fall measure.

For absolute coverage, both the Ringke Fusion-X as well as the Spigen Ultra Hybrid bumper cases achieve the same level of drop protection. Although you don't get as much variety when it comes to the color selection, the drop protection is top-notch on both of these fantastic Nothing phone (1) cases.

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