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About that Motorola Xoom keyboard ...

There's a Bluetooth keyboard that popped up on Amazon (opens in new tab) [via Droid-Life] that says it's for the Motorola Xoom -- that's the Android 3.0 tablet coming out on Verizon sometime this quarter. (Check out our hands-on here.) Oh, and look. It'll be in stock on Feb. 14. That fits one rumored launch date. (Other rumors we've heard are "early February" and "Late February," so read into that what you want.)

But here's the thing. Click on the seller for the item -- Senyx -- and there's the exact same Bluetooth keyboard (opens in new tab) for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. And the Playstation 3. And the App iPad. And for the BlackBerry Playbook. And for the ASUS Eee Pad MeMo. And for the HP Zeen C510. And for the MSI Android Tablet. And for the Velocity Micro T301 Cruz 7-inch Android Tablet. And for the ViewSonic 7-inch Android Tablet. And for Bluetooth-enabled Electronic Tablets/Smartphones/PS3/PDA.

And that's just the first page.

And they're all available Feb. 14.

So, folks, no special Motorola Xoom Bluetooth keyboard (at least not yet). And we wouldn't read much into it being available Feb. 14. It's just a Bluetooth keyboard with a whole lot of SEO behind it. Move along now. Move along. [Amazon (opens in new tab)]

  • Boom! Rumour Busted!
  • Did you kill a puppy while you wrote this post, Phil? killing our hopes and dreams.
  • I imagine he killed a puppy, then killed a second just for good measure
  • Ha! That's funny! ^
  • I call it keeping the streets safe. :p
  • One Benji at a time
  • If you buy this device now, you won't need it when the Android Store gets it next month. That's the store that's associated with at least two other Android blogs, by the way, but all three are operating under different names. I bought a cover for my Tab from AC, by the way. Their podcast isn't completely boring like the other Android blogs. And their not iDiots like the big blog guys. Or at least they're good at hiding it. Most of the time.
  • So... will these keyboards work with a DroidX? Hmmmmm?
  • I think it was the "Universal" part that that sort of contradicted with the "for Motorola Xoom" part... I was like wha?!? until I read the text.. :)
  • Hah Phil, we're just running with the fun that is the XOOM. We know that ish isn't official and shouldn't be taken seriously. :P
  • FYI, not all bluetooth keyboards work w/ Android devices.
    e.g., MS' bluetooth keyboard doesn't because it's missing the SPP bluetooth profile (it only supports HID which Android doesn't support)-: So it's good that there's a post highlighting a keyboard that *does* work. Now if I can only find a bluetooth trackball that works...
  • Now that the dust has settled, the Motorola Bluetooth keyboard for the Xoom is available. I got one with my Xoom, and it works perfectly. Yes, it ha all the right special Android keys. The only problem is that it is kinda big, a lot bigger than the Xoom, in fact full size. I have been searching for some time for another Android Bluetooth keyboard and have asked several manufacturers of portable keyboards whey not Android? Right now they are very happy churning out volumes of universal and iPad keyboards, but a couple of them showed at least a bit of interest in an under-served market and said "check back with us".
  • A Pda Keyboard (personal digital
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    Current PDAs often have the ability to connect to the Internet. A PDA
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